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CTAL-TM-UK plan - ISTQB Certified Tester Advanced Level - Test Manager (CTAL-TM_UK) Updated: 2024

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Exam Code: CTAL-TM-UK ISTQB Certified Tester Advanced Level - Test Manager (CTAL-TM_UK) plan January 2024 by Killexams.com team

CTAL-TM-UK ISTQB Certified Tester Advanced Level - Test Manager (CTAL-TM_UK)

Exam: CTAL-TM-UK ISTQB Certified Tester Advanced Level - Test Manager (CTAL-TM_UK)

Exam Details:
- Number of Questions: The exam typically consists of multiple-choice and scenario-based questions.
- Time: Candidates are usually given a specific time duration to complete the exam.

Course Outline:
The CTAL-TM-UK certification is designed for test managers who are responsible for planning, monitoring, and controlling the testing process. The course provides in-depth knowledge and skills required to effectively manage testing activities. The course outline includes the following topics:

1. Test Management Principles and Concepts
- Understanding the fundamentals of test management
- Test process management and improvement
- Test management documentation and deliverables

2. Test Strategy and Planning
- Developing a test strategy
- Test planning and estimation
- Test schedule and resource management

3. Test Monitoring and Control
- Test progress monitoring and reporting
- Test control activities and techniques
- Test measurement and metrics

4. Test Analysis and Design
- Requirements analysis and test design techniques
- Test data management and test environment setup
- Test design for different types of testing (e.g., functional, non-functional, regression)

5. Test Implementation and Execution
- Test implementation and execution techniques
- Defect management and tracking
- Test automation and tool support

6. Risk-based Testing and Incident Management
- Risk-based testing approach and strategies
- Incident management process and techniques
- Defect prevention and root cause analysis

Exam Objectives:
The CTAL-TM-UK exam aims to assess candidates' knowledge and skills in test management. The exam objectives include:

1. Understanding the principles and concepts of test management and their application in real-world scenarios.
2. Developing effective test strategies and plans based on project requirements and constraints.
3. Monitoring and controlling the testing process to ensure timely and quality delivery of test activities.
4. Applying test analysis and design techniques to create comprehensive and efficient test cases and test data.
5. Implementing and executing tests using appropriate techniques and tools, while effectively managing defects.
6. Applying risk-based testing principles to prioritize testing efforts and manage project risks.
7. Understanding incident management processes and techniques for effective defect resolution and prevention.

Exam Syllabus:
The exam syllabus covers the following topics:

- Test Management Principles and Concepts
- Test Strategy and Planning
- Test Monitoring and Control
- Test Analysis and Design
- Test Implementation and Execution
- Risk-based Testing and Incident Management

Candidates are expected to have a deep understanding of these topics and demonstrate their ability to apply test management principles and techniques in real-world scenarios. The exam assesses their knowledge, critical thinking skills, and ability to make informed decisions as test managers.
ISTQB Certified Tester Advanced Level - Test Manager (CTAL-TM_UK)
iSQI (CTAL-TM_UK) plan

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ISTQB Certified Tester Advanced Level - Test Manager
Answer: B
Question: 58
Which of the following is NOT a typical key challenge for testing in a RAD based
development approach? 1 credit
A. Re-usable test scripts for (automated) regression testing
B. Project management and control
C. No complete requirements specification
D. Time-boxing
Answer: B
Question: 59
As a result of the RAD based development approach, the test manager has decided to
change the risk mitigation approach. Which test technique might be most appropriate
to use? 2 credits
A. Decision Table Testing
B. Boundary Value Analysis
C. Error Guessing
D. Exploratory Testing
Answer: D
Question: 60
The business has asked for a weekly progress report. Which of the following would
be appropriate as a measure of test coverage? 2 credits
A. Percentage of business requirements exercised
B. Percentage of planned hours worked this week
C. Percentage of countries that have test scenarios
D. Percentage of test iterations completed
Answer: A
Section 11: Sec Eleven (61 to 61)
Details: Topic 11, Scenario 11 "Incident Management"
The following is the current incident handling process in used at the company.
Step 1: Incident is documented in the incident Tile with the following information:
- Software module or area where the fault occurred
- Who has reported the fault
- Hardware configuration used for the test that found the fault
- The sequential incident number (1 greater than the last one recorded)
Step 2: Developer assigned to fix the fault
Step 3: Developer fixes the fault
Step 4: Developer signs off the incident as closed, and it is then removed from the
incident file
Question: 61
Regarding the process described above, what is the most important recommendation
you would make using IEEE 1044 as a guide? 2 credits
A. No priority or severity assigned
B. Incident numbering is manual rather than automated
C. No mentioning of reproduceability
D. No classification on type of incident
Answer: A
Section 12: Sec Twelve (62 to 65)
Details: Topic 12, Scenario 12 Automatic Teller Machine (ATM)
You are a test manager in charge of integration, system and acceptance testing for a
bank. You are working on a project to upgrade an existing ATM to allow customers
to obtain cash advances from supported credit cards. The system should allow cash
advances from 20 to 500, inclusively, for all supported credit cards. The supported
credit cards are American Express, VISA, Eurocard and Mastercard. In the master
test plan the following items are listed in the section named items and/or features to
be tested:
I All supported credit cards
II Language localization
II Valid and invalid advances
IV Usability
V Response time
Question: 62
Relying only on the information provided in the scenario, select the TWO items
and/or features for which sufficient information is available to proceed with test
design. 2 credits
A. All supported credit cards
B. Language localization
C. Valid and invalid advances
D. Usability
E. Response time
Answer: A, C
Question: 63
Continuing with the Scenario described in the previous question, which of the
following topics would you need to address in detail in the master test plan? 3 credits
A. An approach to regression testing
B. A list of boundary values for advance amount
C. A description of dependencies between test cases
D. A logical collection of test cases
Answer: A
Question: 64
Given the following figures for the testing on a project, and assuming the failure rate
for initial tests remains constant and that all retests pass, what number of tests remain
to be run? 3 credits
A. 700
B. 720
C. 784
D. 570
Answer: B
Question: 65
Given is the following defect removal chart reported at the end of system testing -
showing total defects detected and closed defects (fixed and successfully retested). A
number of open defects are classified as critical. All tests have been executed.
Based on the chart above, what is the most appropriate next test phase? 1 credit
A. Acceptance testing to verify the business process
B. Acceptance testing to verify operational requirements
C. Requirements testing as part of testing regulatory compliance
D. Another system test cycle to verify defect resolution
Answer: D
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