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Nokia OSPF Routing Protocol
Nokia Protocol guide

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Question: 22
Select the answer below that correctly lists the 5 different OSPF packet types.
A. Hello, Link State Update, Link State Packet, Link State Acknowledgement, Database Descriptor
B. Link State Update, Link State Refresh, Link State Acknowledgement, Database Descriptor, Notification
C. Hello, Link State Refresh, Link State Update, Link State Acknowledgement, Link State Authentication
D. Hello, Link State Update, Link State Request, Link State Acknowledgement, Database Descriptor
Answer: D
Question: 23
A router receives an OSPF database description packet from a neighbor that references an LSA, which is already in
the router's LSDB.The sequence number in the DBD packet is lower than the sequence number of the LSA in
the LSDB. What action does the router take?
A. The router sends a link-state update to its neighbor.
B. The router sends a link-state acknowledgement to its neighbor.
C. The router updates the information in its LSDB with the information received from its neighbor.
D. The router sends a link-state request to its neighbor.
E. The router takes no action.
Answer: A
Question: 24
What is the metric and maximum routable value for RIP?
A. Hop count and 16
B. Hop count and 15
C. Link cost and 15
D. Link cost and 16
Answer: B
Question: 25
What address is used when RIPv2 uses multicast to send its updates?
E. RIPv2 does not have support for multicast
Answer: C
Question: 26
What are some of the characteristics of Nokia's implementation of non-stop routing? (Choose two)
A. No protocol extensions required
B. Only supported by OSPF and IS-IS
C. Transparent to routing neighbors
D. Uses Graceful Restart to inter-operate with other vendors
Answer: A,C
Question: 27
Which of the following cannot be used as a matching criterion in route policy statements?
A. Source IP address
B. TCP source port
C. Prefix list
D. Protocol type
Answer: D
Question: 28
Choose the Distance Vector Protocols from the list below:
B. RIPv1
C. RIPv2
Answer: B,C
Question: 29
Click on the exhibit.
Router R2 learns the networks shown from IS-IS.Router R2 is configured to redistribute routes from IS-IS to OSPF as
shown.Assume the OSPF and IS-IS adjacencies are operational.
How many OSPF Type 5 LSAs will router R1 receive from router R2?
A. 0
B. 1
C. 2
D. 3
E. 4
Answer: D
Question: 30
Click the exhibit button.
Given the topology and the show commands, and assuming that router R2 advertises all of its loopbacks into OSPF,
what is the correct router R1 configuration?
A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D
Answer: A
Question: 31
What is the protocol number for OSPF in the IP header?
A. OSPF uses TCP, so the protocol number is 6.
B. OSPF uses UDP, so the protocol number is 17.
C. OSPF does not use I
D. OSPF has its own protocol number of 89.
Answer: A
Question: 32
Which of the following best describes the type of packets used by OSPF routers to exchange updates on a point-to-
point link?
A. IP packets sent to an IP multicast address.
B. TCP packets sent to an IP multicast address.
C. IP packets sent to an IP unicast address.
D. UDP packets sent to an IP multicast address.
Answer: A
Question: 33
Click the exhibit button.
Routers R1 R2, and R3 are running a classful routing protocol between them.Assuming that router R1 advertises all
directly connected networks, how will these networks be represented in router R3's routing table?
A. Router R3's routing table can only contain one of the routes, which will result in route flapping.
B. Router R3's routing table will have one entry for and one entry for
C. The networks will be represented with one entry of in router R3's routing table.
D. The networks will be represented with one entry of in router R3's route table.
Answer: C
Question: 34
Which one of the commands below will create a static route to network on the AlcatelLucent 7750 SR
A. Static route next hop
B. Static-route next-hop
C. Static route next hop
D. Static-route next-hop
Answer: D
Question: 35
When are virtual links used in OSPF?
A. When two areas need to communicate and there is no area 0.
B. When an area needs to traverse another area to reach area 0.
C. When two areas are connected to area 0, but there is no direct path between them.
D. When an area needs to connect directly to another area without using area 0.
Answer: B

Nokia Protocol guide - BingNews Search results Nokia Protocol guide - BingNews Nokia and Honor sign 5G patent license agreement

Nokia Honor

Nokia has announced that it has signed a new 5G patent license agreement with smartphone maker Honor, Nokia has said that this is the fourth major smartphone maker they have signed a smartphone agreement with in the last 12 months.

Susanna Martikainen, Chief Licensing Officer Mobile Devices at Nokia said: “We are delighted to have concluded an amicable patent cross-license agreement with Honor, one of the leading players in the Chinese smartphone market. It is the fourth major litigation-free smartphone agreement that Nokia has concluded over the past twelve months and highlights once again the strength of Nokia’s patent portfolio and decades-long contributions to cellular standards and other technologies.”

Wenyu Zhou, Head of Global Intellectual Property at Honor said: “As both 5G SEP holder and implementor, Honor highly respects IP rights and strongly believes that reasonable value of IP is important to the development of mobile industry. The conclusion of the patent cross-license agreement shows Honor’s commitment on innovation to enabling a smart life across all scenarios and all channels, for all people.”

Nokia’s industry-leading patent portfolio is built on more than €140 billion invested in R&D since 2000 and is composed of around 20,000 patent families, including over 6,000 patent families declared essential to 5G. Nokia contributes its inventions to open standards in return for the right to license them on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory (FRAND) terms. Companies can license and use these technologies without the need to make their own substantial investments in the standards, fueling innovation and the development of new products and services for consumers.

You can find out more details about the new patent agreement between Nokia and Honor for 5G smartphone patents over at the Nokia website at the link below.

Source Nokia

Image Credit: Pawel Czerwinski

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Every NBA team has a received memo outlining health regulations for the upcoming season.

Last week, the NBA distributed to teams a health-and-safety protocol guide for the 2020-21 NBA season, outlining procedures for how it will deal with the coronavirus.

Now the league has provided updated guidance detailing further restrictions at home and on the road, safety precautions for the NBA principals and their families, and discipline for violations that could affect other players, teams and the game schedule itself.

Daily testing began last weekend in advance of training camps opening. Teams began required individual workouts Tuesday, with group activities starting this weekend.

Among the key provisions in the initial document:

• Occurrence of independent cases (not spread among players or staff), or a small or “expected number” of COVID-19 cases will not require a decision to suspend or cancel the season.

• Anyone who tests positive will have two routes to return to work: go 10 days or more after the first positive test or onset of symptoms, or test negative twice at least 24 hours apart via PCR testing.

• Any player who tests positive, even if asymptomatic, will not be allowed to exercise for a minimum of 10 days and then must be monitored in individual workouts for an additional two days.

• There are no criteria mentioned for what might prompt the NBA to suspend the season.

• Team traveling parties will be limited to 45 people, including 17 players, as they make their way around the country to play a home-and-road schedule in NBA arenas.

• As in the Orlando bubble, an anonymous tip line will be made available to report possible violations of safety protocols.

The latest memo (distributed to teams Saturday, as reported by ESPN) specified the NBA’s response to and penalties for violation safety protocols. After the successful restart last summer to complete the 2019-20 season and postseason in the Orlando “bubble,” the league is tackling a more traditional — and potentially precarious — approach this season with in-market games, including travel and hotel stays.

Details of the enhanced virus protocols and discipline policies include:

• Players violating the safety guidelines may face a loss of pay proportionate to any lost availability due to quarantines or reinstatement steps. Other penalties may include formal warnings, fines, suspensions or educational sessions.

• The NBA may conduct unannounced inspections of team facilities to ensure that franchises are complying with the safety protocols.

• Once a vaccine is available, the league and the National Basketball Players Association will negotiate whether players, coaches and staff will be required to receive it. If it is not required, adjustments to the safety provisions — such as requiring more masking or testing of those who choose not to receive the vaccination — might be implemented.

• While in their team’s home market, team personnel will be prohibited from going to bars, lunges or clubs, from attending live entertainment or sports events, from using gyms, spas or pools, or from participating in social gatherings with more than 15 people.

• On the road, players, coaches and staff will be permitted to dine outside their hotels if the restaurants provide outdoor dining, have fully privatized indoor rooms, or have met requirements to be formally approved by the league and the players’ union. The NBA and NBPA will work to provide a list of at least three approved restaurants in each market.

• Teams will designate traveling parties of no more than 45 people as “Tier 1” members. Other employees and staff with less direct contact, requiring masks and social-distancing, will be classified as “Tier 2.” Individuals in both tiers will be subject to daily coronavirus testing. The NBA also will provide twice-weekly tests for household members of players and staff.

• Teams also face potential penalties for failing to comply with or failing to report violations of the mandated safety protocols.

The NBA preseason schedule, featuring 49 games (two to four per team), begins Friday and runs through Dec. 19. The NBA’s plan for a 72-game regular season starts Dec. 22 and ends in mid-May, with the 2021 Finals scheduled to be completed in July.

The 2019-20 season was interrupted by a virus shutdown that lasted from March 11 to July 30. Play resumed with 22 of the 30 teams participating in eight seeding games, after which a Play-In Tournament for the Western Conference No. 8 seed was followed by the traditional 16-team playoff bracket.

All games and activities of the restart were staged in a “bubble” at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex in the Walt Disney World resort outside Orlando. The ambitious and costly (approximately $180 million) project saved the league an estimated $1.5 billion in additional revenue losses, while enabling the Los Angeles Lakers to be crowned as 2020 champions on Oct. 11.

* * *

Steve Aschburner has written about the NBA since 1980. You can e-mail him here, find his archive here and follow him on Twitter.

The views on this page do not necessarily reflect the views of the NBA, its clubs or Turner Broadcasting.

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