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Exam Code: DCA Docker Certified Associate mock January 2024 by team

DCA Docker Certified Associate

Exam ID : DCA

Exam Title : Docker Certified Associate

Questions : 55

Duration : 90 minutes

Exam Type : multiple choice

Recognition for your Docker skills with an official Docker credential

Digital certificate and use of the Docker Certified Associate logo

Online verification of Docker Certified status by potential employers

Exclusive access to the Docker Certified professional network on LinkedIn and invites to certified-only events

55 multiple choice questions in 90 minutes

Designed to validate professionals with a minimum of 6 to 12 months of Docker experience

Remotely proctored on your Windows or Mac computer

Available globally in English

Results delivered immediately

This examination is based upon critical job activities a Docker Certified Associate performs. The skills and
knowledge certified by this examination represent a level of expertise where a certified Docker Associate

● Run containerized applications from pre-existing images stored in a centralized registry

● Deploy images across the cluster

● Triage and resolve issue reports from stakeholders and resolve

● Standup up on Enterprise clusters with one UCP manager, one DTR replica, and one worker node

● Migrate traditional applications to containers

● Configure and troubleshoot Docker engine

● Perform general maintenance and configuration

Candidates for this certification should have at least six months to one year of experience with Docker, including
exposure to the Docker Enterprise Edition. The knowledge, skills and experience required at this level should also

● container security

● experience with at least one cloud provider

● configuration management tools

● Linux and/or Windows Server

Orchestration 25%

Image Creation, Management, and Registry 20%

Installation and Configuration 15%

Networking 15%

Security 15%

Storage and Volumes 10%

Domain 1: Orchestration (25% of exam)

Content may include the following:

● Complete the setup of a swarm mode cluster, with managers and worker nodes

● Describe and demonstrate how to extend the instructions to run individual containers into running services under swarm.

● Describe the importance of quorum in a swarm cluster.

● Describe the difference between running a container and running a service.

● Interpret the output of “docker inspect” commands.

● Convert an application deployment into a stack file using a YAML compose file with "docker stack deploy"

● Manipulate a running stack of services.

● Describe and demonstrate orchestration activities.

● Increase the number of replicas.

● Add networks, publish ports.

● Mount volumes.

● Describe and demonstrate how to run replicated and global services.

● Apply node labels to demonstrate placement of tasks.

● Describe and demonstrate how to use templates with “docker service create”.

● Identify the steps needed to troubleshoot a service not deploying.

● Describe how a Dockerized application communicates with legacy systems.

● Describe how to deploy containerized workloads as Kubernetes pods and deployments.

● Describe how to provide configuration to Kubernetes pods using configMaps and secrets.

Domain 2: Image Creation, Management, and Registry (20% of exam)

Content may include the following:

● Describe the use of Dockerfile.

● Describe options, such as add, copy, volumes, expose, entry point.

● Identify and display the main parts of a Dockerfile.

● Describe and demonstrate how to create an efficient image via a Dockerfile.

● Describe and demonstrate how to use CLI commands to manage images, such as list, delete, prune, rmi.

● Describe and demonstrate how to inspect images and report specific attributes using filter and format

● Describe and demonstrate how to tag an image.

● Describe and demonstrate how to apply a file to create a Docker image.

● Describe and demonstrate how to display layers of a Docker image

● Describe and demonstrate how to modify an image to a single layer.

● Describe and demonstrate registry functions.

● Deploy a registry.

● Log into a registry.

● Utilize search in a registry.

● Push an image to a registry.

● Sign an image in a registry.

● Pull and delete images from a registry.

Domain 3: Installation and Configuration (15% of exam)

Content may include the following:

● Describe sizing requirements for installation.

● Describe and demonstrate the setup of repo, selection of a storage driver, and installation of the Docker engine on multiple platforms.

● Describe and demonstrate configuration of logging drivers (splunk, journald, etc.).

● Describe and demonstrate how to set up swarm, configure managers, add nodes, and setup the backup schedule.

● Describe and demonstrate how to create and manage user and teams.

● Describe and demonstrate how to configure the Docker daemon to start on boot.

● Describe and demonstrate how to use certificate-based client-server authentication to ensure a Docker daemon has the rights to access images on a registry.

● Describe the use of namespaces, cgroups, and certificate configuration.

● Describe and interpret errors to troubleshoot installation issues without assistance.

● Describe and demonstrate the steps to deploy the Docker engine, UCP, and DTR on AWS and on-premises in an HA configuration.
● Describe and demonstrate how to configure backups for UCP and DTR.

Domain 4: Networking (15% of exam)

Content may include the following:

● Describe the Container Network Model and how it interfaces with the Docker engine and network and IPAM drivers.

● Describe the different types and use cases for the built-in network drivers.

● Describe the types of traffic that flow between the Docker engine, registry and UCP controllers.

● Describe and demonstrate how to create a Docker bridge network for developers to use for their containers.

● Describe and demonstrate how to publish a port so that an application is accessible externally.

● Identify which IP and port a container is externally accessible on.

● Compare and contrast “host” and “ingress” publishing modes.

● Describe and demonstrate how to configure Docker to use external DNS.

● Describe and demonstrate how to use Docker to load balance HTTP/HTTPs traffic to an application (Configure L7 load balancing with Docker EE).

● Understand and describe the types of traffic that flow between the Docker engine, registry, and UCP controllers

● Describe and demonstrate how to deploy a service on a Docker overlay network.

● Describe and demonstrate how to troubleshoot container and engine logs to resolve connectivity issues between containers.

● Describe how to route traffic to Kubernetes pods using ClusterIP and NodePort services.

● Describe the Kubertnetes container network model.

Domain 5: Security (15% of exam)

Content may include the following:

● Describe security administration and tasks.

● Describe the process of signing an image.

● Describe default engine security.

● Describe swarm default security.

● Describe MTLS.

● Describe identity roles.

● Compare and contrast UCP workers and managers.

● Describe the process to use external certificates with UCP and DTR.

● Describe and demonstrate that an image passes a security scan.

● Describe and demonstrate how to enable Docker Content Trust.

● Describe and demonstrate how to configure RBAC with UCP.

● Describe and demonstrate how to integrate UCP with LDAP/AD.

● Describe and demonstrate how to create UCP client bundles.

Domain 6: Storage and Volumes (10% of exam)

Content may include the following:

● Identify the correct graph drivers to uses with various operating systems.

● Describe and demonstrate how to configure devicemapper.

● Compare and contrast object and block storage and when they should be used.

● Describe how an application is composed of layers and where these layers reside on the filesystem.

● Describe the use of volumes are used with Docker for persistent storage.

● Identify the steps to take to clean up unused images on a filesystem and DTR.

● Describe and demonstrate how storage can be used across cluster nodes.

● Describe how to provision persistent storage to a Kubernetes pod using persistentVolumes.

● Describe the relationship between container storage interface drivers, storageClass, persistentVolumeClaim and volume objects in Kubernetes.
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Docker Certified Associate
Question: 52
What is the docker command to setup a swarm?
A. docker swarm init
B. docker swarm create
C. docker init swarm
D. docker create swarm
Answer: A
Question: 53
From a DevOps process standpoint, it is best practice to keep changes to an application in
version control. Which of the following will allow changes to a docker Image to be stored
in a version control system?
A. docker commit
B. docker save
C. A docker-compose.yml file
D. A dockerfile
Answer: A
Question: 54
Which of the following statements is true about secrets?
A. Secrets can be created from any node in the cluster.
B. Secrets can be modified after they are created.
C. Secret are stored unencrypted on manager nodes.
D. Secrets can be created using standard input (STDIN) and a file.
Answer: D
Question: 55
Which statement is true about DTR garbage collection?
A. Garbage collection removes unreferenced image layers from DTR's backend storage.
B. Garbage collection removes exited containers from cluster nodes.
C. Garbage collection removes DTR images that are older than a configurable of days
D. Garbage collection removes unused volumes from cluster nodes
Answer: A
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  • Wed, 03 Jan 2024 08:49:00 -0600 en text/html
    Mock Interview Appointment

    Late Cancellation/No-show Policy

    A missed mock interview due to a no-show or a late cancellation reflects poorly on you and all students at Miami University. Additionally, it wastes a valuable interview slot for the staff member and for other students seeking an opportunity to practice their interviewing skills. You may cancel your interview in Handshake by 11:59 p.m. two business days prior to the interview without penalty.

    The following penalties will be imposed if you cancel a mock interview late or do not show.

    Late cancellations during an academic year:

    • 1st offense: No penalty is assessed, but your Handshake account is noted.
    • 2nd offense: Your account is blocked from participating in the interviewing process until an email letter of apology to the employer or interviewer is reviewed by the Assistant Director of the Mock Interview Program, Nella Sutyniec. Once approved, the apology must be emailed to the employer or interviewer (cc to This must be completed within 30 days or your account is disabled for the duration of the academic year.
    • 3rd offense: Your account is permanently disabled, and you will not have access to any Handshake features for the duration of the academic year. A meeting with the Assistant Director of the Mock Interview Program, Nella Sutyniec, is required.

    No-shows during an academic year:

    • 1st offense: Your account is blocked from participating in the interviewing process until a formal letter of apology to the employer or interviewer is reviewed by the Assistant Director of the Mock Interview Program,Nella Sutyniec. Once approved, the apology must be emailed to the employer or interviewer (cc to This must be completed within 30 days or your account is disabled for the duration of the academic year.
    • 2nd offense: Your account is permanently disabled, and you will not have access to any Handshake features for the duration of the academic year. A meeting with the Assistant Director of the Mock Interview Program, Nella Sutyniec, is required.
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    Mock drafts keep sending Vikings QBs: Purple Daily on Draft No result found, try new keyword!The interesting thing about mock drafts is that they don’t mean anything right now, but it is interesting to keep track of them throughout the draft process. Starting in January, we will be ... Mon, 27 Nov 2023 10:00:00 -0600 en-us text/html The latest 2024 NFL mock draft from 33rd Team has 6 QBs (!) in the first round, including Michael Penix Jr.

    We’re in the middle of a game of “how many QBs are going in the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft?”

    In our latest NFL mock draft from Christian D’Andrea, it was two with Drake Maye out of North Carolina and USC’s Caleb Williams. We’ve seen four in the first (Oregon’s Bo Nix!) with Heisman winner Jayden Daniels or a mock with J.J. McCarthy out of Michigan being taken.

    What if we get six QBs in the first round? The 33rd Team had a mock in which six — Williams, Maye, Daniels, McCarthy, Nix and Washington’s Michael Penix Jr. — get taken. Here’s the reasoning for Penix going No. 8 to the Raiders:

    The Las Vegas Raiders are in desperate need of a franchise quarterback. While that’s often hard to find outside of the top five, Michael Penix Jr. is the closest option to that outside of the big three names. Penix Jr. had a remarkable season for the Washington Huskies and is looking to close it out with a championship run. Penix Jr. is still developing some important areas of his game (timing, anticipation and ball placement), but he’s generally accurate, athletic and has more than enough arm talent to win NFL games early in his career.

    There you have it. Make sure to check out Christian D’Andrea’s latest NFL mock draft!

    Wed, 13 Dec 2023 05:12:00 -0600 Charles Curtis en-US text/html MLB mock draft 2024: Who will Cleveland Guardians take with No. 1 overall pick? Your browser is not supported |
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    Form 1099-MISC: What It Is, How It Works

    Sometime in February, you might receive a 1099-MISC tax form (or more than one) in the mail. You need to hang on to it because it can have a big impact on your tax life. Here's how the 1099-MISC, titled "Miscellaneous Income," works.

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    What is Form 1099-MISC used for?

    A 1099-MISC tax form is a type of IRS Form 1099 that reports certain types of miscellaneous income.

    • At least $10 in royalties or broker payments in lieu of dividends or tax-exempt interest

    • At least $5,000 for consumer products you sold anywhere other than a permanent retail establishment.

      • Prizes and awards, including what you win on game shows.

      • Medical and health care payments.

      • Cash payments for the purchase of fish (or other aquatic life) for resale.

      • Cash from a notional principal contract to an individual, partnership or estate.

      • Proceeds from a fishing boat.

    Who should get a 1099-MISC?

    The 1099-MISC is a common type of IRS Form 1099, which is a record that an entity or person — not your employer — gave or paid you money.

    Do you pay taxes on a 1099-MISC?

    Simply receiving a 1099-MISC tax form doesn’t necessarily mean you owe taxes on that money. You might have deductions that offset the income, for example, or some or all of it might be sheltered based on characteristics of the asset that generated it. In any case, remember: The IRS knows about it.

    What do I do with my 1099-MISC?

    You use your IRS Form 1099-MISC to help figure out how much income you received during the year and what kind of income it was. You’ll report that income in different places on your tax return, depending on the type of income.

    1099-MISC vs. 1099-NEC

    In 2020, the IRS revived the 1099-NEC form for reporting nonemployee compensation. In other words, if you freelanced, were self-employed or had a side gig, your clients should send you a Form 1099-NEC instead of a Form 1099-MISC. As always, you'll use the information on that form to prepare your tax return.

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    What is the difference between a 1099 and 1099-MISC?

    A 1099-MISC is a type of 1099. Form 1099-MISC reports a relatively unusual form of income. It's different than other kinds of 1099s you might get in the mail.


    Form 1099-B covers income from the sale of several types of securities, as well as some types of bartering that take place via bartering exchanges, typically websites. In that case, the exchange might “1099 you” for the income you received. A 1099 isn’t usually required if you barter with someone directly, though you may have to report the income.


    If you received money from a state, local or federal government — including a tax refund, credit or offset — you might get one of these. If you were on unemployment during the year, you might also have a 1099-G headed your way.


    If your long-term care insurance paid out benefits during the year, the insurer will likely file a Form 1099-LTC. If you received payments from the accelerated death benefits of a life insurance policy, those are reported on this form, too.


    If you got distributions from a pension, retirement plan, profit-sharing program, IRA or annuity, you might receive a 1099-R. (Remember, many retirement plans are tax-advantaged, so this form might be simple record-keeping on behalf of the IRS.) If you took a loan from your retirement plan, you might have to treat it as a distribution, which means it might be on this form, too, as well as permanent and total disability payments under life insurance contracts.


    Anybody responsible for closing a sale or exchange of real estate furnishes this statement to you, reporting the proceeds. The proceeds from the sale of your house or other real estate aren’t necessarily taxable.

    Tue, 21 Nov 2023 10:44:00 -0600 en-US text/html
    With mock draft season underway, Patriots already projected to pick a quarterback
    Morning Sports Update
    Drake Maye Patriots mock draft
    North Carolina quarterback Drake Maye in Nov. 2023. AP Photo/Jacob Kupferman

    The mock drafts have begun: With the Patriots currently in line to get the No. 2 overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, fans and analysts are already looking ahead to which top level talent New England might select.

    While it’s still very early in the process — the Patriots have four remaining games that could have a major effect on the draft order — ESPN draft analyst Matt Miller took a swing at what the first round could look like in his most recent mock draft.

    Released on Wednesday, it has the Patriots picking University of North Carolina quarterback Drake Maye second overall (after the Bears picked USC quarterback Caleb Williams first).

    Miller sees New England moving on from Mac Jones given that the former first-round pick has been repeatedly benched during the 2023 season.

    Maye, who has already declared for the draft, has thrown for 3,608 yards with 24 touchdowns and nine interceptions this season.

    “Maye is a powerful thrower at 6-foot-4 and 230 pounds, with the arm talent to stretch the field vertically and the mobility to threaten on the ground,” wrote Miller. “There are times his ball placement can be inconsistent, but his supporting cast at North Carolina did him few favors there. Maye — who is declaring for the draft — has the traits of a true franchise quarterback.”

    Trivia: Who is the most recent quarterback the Patriots drafted out of an ACC school?

    (Answer at the bottom).

    Hint: Drafted as a third-round pick, he was eventually traded to the Colts for Phillip Dorsett.

    Scores and schedules:

    The Bruins lost to the Devils 2-1 in overtime on Wednesday. Boston will face the Islanders in New York on Friday at 7:30 p.m.

    The Celtics host the Cavaliers tonight at 7:30 p.m., and will also play again on Friday (at home vs. the Magic).

    This Sunday, the Patriots kickoff against the Chiefs at Gillette Stadium at 1 p.m.

    More from

    Bruins postgame: Some soundbites from Jim Montgomery and Morgan Geekie after the Bruins’ loss on Wednesday.

    A U.S. upset: American skier Bryce Bennett — standing 6-foot-7-inches tall — stunned European favorites to win the World Cup downhill event at Val Gardena in Italy on Thursday. He won in dramatic fashion, emerging with a margin of victory of just three hundredths of a second over Norway’s Aleksander Aamodt Kilde.

    On this day: In 1995, Adam Oates scored four goals in a 6-4 win over the Panthers. Having also assisted Cam Neely’s opener, Oates finished his remarkable day with five points.

    1995 Adam Oates Bruins Globe Sports

    Daily highlight: What a goal-line clearance from Dortmund defender Niklas Süle in a 1-1 draw against PSG in the UEFA Champions League on Wednesday.

    Trivia answer: Jacoby Brissett


    This discussion has ended. Please join elsewhere on
    Wed, 13 Dec 2023 10:01:00 -0600 en-US text/html
    Janet Mock

    Janet Mock is the New York Times bestselling author of two memoirs, the host of the conversation series “Never Before”, a contributing editor and columnist for Allure, and a feminist activist tackling stigma through storytelling.

    Janet broke ground in 2014 when she released her pioneering and bestselling Redefining Realness, the first trans memoir written from the perspective of a young person and a woman of color. Since then, she’s continued to tell stories across various platforms: she produced the HBO documentary, The Trans List (2016); served as a correspondent for Entertainment Tonight; hosted a series of television specials, including the digital talk series “So POPular" and MSNBC’s “Beyond My Body”; helms the column, "Beauty Beyond Binaries”; and published her second book, Surpassing Certainty about her unconventional twenties experience.

    With a master’s in journalism from New York University, the Honolulu native began her career as an editor at, and has since become, as Oprah Winfrey said on OWN’s Super Soul Sunday, a “trailblazing leader” and “fearless new voice” who gave a rousing speech at the Women’s March on Washington. Her work has been honored by the Ms. Foundation for Women, Planned Parenthood, and the Sylvia Rivera Law Project. Time called her one of “the most influential people on the Internet," while Variety named her on its "Power of Women" list. Janet lives in New York with her husband and cockapoo.

    Tue, 26 Nov 2019 20:21:00 -0600 en text/html
    SB Nation's latest 2024 NBA mock draft has a new No. 1 who's getting a ton of buzz

    Is Nikola Topic from Serbia about to be the name that everyone’s buzzing about for the first name off the board at the 2024 NBA Draft?

    There seems to be no clear No. 1 — ESPN’s latest mock had Isaiah Collier from USC going first. In our second mock from Bryan Kalbrosky, Topic was the No. 18 player taken in the first round.

    But in  SB Nation’s latest mock draft, Topic is first off the board to the Detroit Pistons. Why is that? How did he go from a first-rounder to maybe first overall? Is this a sign of things to come?

    Here’s the reasoning from the site’s Ricky O’Donnell:

    In an underwhelming draft class, Topic’s awesome production in the Adriatic league has positioned him as my early front-runner for the No. 1 pick. The success of Luka Doncic and Alperen Sengun has shown that dominating a European league at a young age in your pre-draft year is a major precursor for NBA success. Topic’s combination of size and speed for a lead guard helps him pass the eye test even without a plus jumper, and his overall production is the reason he deserves serious consideration for the first pick.

    There you have it! Don’t forget to check out our latest NBA Mock Draft from Kalbrosky!

    Mon, 11 Dec 2023 04:59:00 -0600 Charles Curtis en-US text/html

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