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DEA-5TT2 reality - Associate ? Networking Updated: 2024

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Exam Code: DEA-5TT2 Associate ? Networking reality January 2024 by team
Associate ? Networking
DELL-EMC Networking reality

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Question: 208
In which Spanning Tree protocol state does a port record MAC addresses but does not forward the data?
A. Forwarding
B. Blocking
C. Learning
D. Listening
Answer: C
Question: 209
Which port type should be used for only VLAN-unaware devices?
A. Access port
B. General port
C. Hybrid port
D. Trunk port
Answer: A
Question: 210
Which Ethernet frame forwarding method works best when the outbound ports run at the same speed as the inbound port?
A. Store-and-forward
B. Fragment-free
C. Unicast
D. Cut-through
Answer: D
Question: 211
Which port type does a Dell EMC Networking N-Series switch have for its console connection?
A. DB9
B. RJ-45
Answer: A
series_user%27s-guide10_en-us.pdf page 197
Question: 212
Which type of domains are connected by a Layer 2 switch?
A. Single collision domain and a single broadcast domain
B. Multiple broadcast domains and multiple collision domains
C. Multiple collision domains and a single broadcast domain
D. Single collision domain and multiple broadcast domains
Answer: C
Question: 213
Which component translates data, signaling, and protocols to facilitate the data flow between the end device and the network?
A. Switch
B. Transceiver
D. Port
Answer: C
Question: 214
A network administrator created three VLANs on an Ethernet switch.
How many broadcast domains are created by the switch?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
Answer: C
Question: 215
Which fields are mandatory TLVs in a LLDP PDU frame?
A. System Capabilities and Management Address
B. Chassis ID, Port ID, and Time-to-Live
C. IP Address, Default Gateway, and DNS
D. Port Description, System Name, and System Description
Answer: B
Question: 216
When configuring a switch, which CLI mode only supports limited show commands?
B. Maintenance
C. Configuration
D. EXEC Privilege
Answer: D
When configuring a switch, the EXEC Privilege mode, also known as Privileged EXEC mode, only supports limited show commands. This mode
provides elevated privileges for executing certain privileged operations and commands on the switch. It allows the user to perform tasks such as viewing
system information, running diagnostic commands, and managing system configuration. However, it does not provide access to all show commands and
configuration options available in the Configuration mode. To access the full range of show commands and make configuration changes, the user would
need to enter the Configuration mode.
Question: 217
On which Dell EMC Networking switches can Multi-Chassis Link Aggregation (MLAG) be configured?
A. C9000 Series
B. N-Series
C. S-Series
D. Z-Series
Answer: B
Question: 218
On which OSI layers do standard ACL filters operate?
A. 2 and 3
B. 2 and 7
C. 3 and 4
D. 4 and 7
Answer: C
Question: 219
What is the Organizationally Unique Identifier (OUI) in the MAC address 00:C4:4F:23:AF:4A?
A. 00:C4:4F
B. 00:C4:4F:23
C. 23:AF:4A
D. 4F:23:AF:4A
Answer: A
Question: 220
What are Network Address Translation (NAT) inside global addresses?
A. Addresses used by NAT router when sending frames to devices on the local network
B. Public IP addresses used by the local network to communicate with the Internet
C. Private IP addresses used by the local network
D. Pubic addresses used by other networks outside of the local network
Answer: B
Question: 221
Which BASE-T Ethernet standard specifies a CAT6 cable type?
Answer: D
Question: 222
Which Dell EMC Networking M-Series 10 GbE switch model supports a VLT?
B. M6220
C. M6348
D. M8024-K
Answer: A
Question: 223
The IEEE separates the Data Link and Physical ISO layers into four sub-layers.
Based on the exhibit, what is the correct order of these sub-layers; from lowest to highest?
Answer: A
Question: 224
If a packet is sent to an IPv6 address and many devices receive the packet, what is this type of traffic?
A. Multicast
B. Broadcast
C. Anycast
D. Unicast
Answer: A
Question: 225
You recently joined a company as a junior-level network administrator. You have been tasked with designing the IPv4 scheme for five networks that
will be used for training classrooms. These networks need to support no more than 28 devices each. Due to the existing network design, the senior-level
network administrator has asked you to work on network
If all networks must be made to logically start with the lowest numbered network and end with the largest numbered network, what is the network ID
for the third network?
Answer: B
Question: 226
Which IPv6 scope is used for private addressing on a local network?
A. Global
B. Area wide
C. Unique local
Answer: C
Question: 227
What is the default OSPF âhello intervalâ?
A. 5 seconds
B. 10 seconds
C. 15 seconds
D. 30 seconds
Answer: B

DELL-EMC Networking reality - BingNews Search results DELL-EMC Networking reality - BingNews Dell EMC Takes Aim At Cisco With New Open Networking Push

Dell EMC says it is using its commitment to open networking to put competitive pressure on industry powerhouse Cisco Systems and other market leaders, and will unveil state-of-the-art networking products during the Dell EMC World conference in Las Vegas this week.

According to Dell EMC's networking boss, Tom Burns, the company will unveil the industry's ­ first 25-Gigabit Ethernet top-of-rack platform enabled for open networking, as well as a new 10/100-Gigabit Ethernet open networking top-of-rack switch, 100-Gigabit Ethernet fabric uplinks, and a 10/100-Gigabit Ethernet switching platform for campus environments.

The 10-Gigabit Ethernet and 25-Gigabit Ethernet platforms will run on a new version of Dell EMC's Linux-based OS10 operating system, which will be released as OS10 Enterprise Edition.

[Related: Dell EMC World 2017]

The new releases come as Dell EMC's open networking charge begins to bear fruit. In its most recent ­ fiscal quarter, Dell EMC's service and networking business was up 12 percent year over year to $12.8 billion. Although the Round Rock, Texas, company does not break out networking, that business saw a "double-digit" increase, its highest level in two years, said Burns, senior vice president of networking, service provider and enterprise infrastructure.

That success, he said, is coming from customers such as large web technology ­firms and service providers and shows that Dell EMC's open, disaggregated networking approach can be a serious contender in a market dominated by Cisco. Dell EMC's ability to provide a large portfolio of options that can be offered as complete, ‑ flexible solutions is key, according to Burns.

A good example, he said, is its ability to offer VMware NSX in an open strategy. "When you look at the Dell Technologies networking capabilities, and pull in an NSX, it's a formidable challenger that's growing very quickly in the networking space whether it's virtual, automated or physical," he said.

"NSX is agnostic as to what hardware it sits on," Burns said.

"Our networking is disaggregated. You have a choice of software. Within the physical data plane, it's merchant silicon. Customers want to move forward with a more commodity/open approach. ... In many circumstances [Cisco] ACI ... requires a relatively large infrastructure upgrade to enable the ACI to work on the infrastructure and [it] won't work on anything but Cisco infrastructure. You've got to buy more Cisco stuff, and you're going to be locked in for a period of time," Burns said.

Dell EMC also has invested in training so its team can help partners. "We trained about half of our networking sales force that are now NSX-certified, and I'm not talking about the light reading," said Burns. "This is the deep-dive sessions into the product where they can do demos and proofs-of-concept. We're spending a lot of time seeing how we can be better together even though a lot of NSX is on non-Dell EMC infrastructure. How can we create more simpli­fication to the process for our customers and our partners?"

Dell EMC networking has seen strong growth in its channel business on a global basis, said Burns. "We've been focused on that," he said. "We put some resources in place at certain large VARs. We have more networking specialists to work hand in hand with them, and we saw close to double-digit growth in our channel business and our distribution business as well."

Scott Winslow, CEO of Winslow Technology Group, a Waltham, Mass., solution provider that works with Dell EMC, said the message around openness and ‑ flexibility resonates with customers.

"You can also give them the ‑ flexibility with a hyper-converged solution with XC Nutanix, VxRail, VxRack. If you can give them the software and networking solutions and add the consumption model in there, you've got an enterprise cloud experience on their floor. People are moving apps to the cloud or doing a lot of Software-as-a-Service. They're getting accustomed to that model, and it seems like it's incumbent on the OEM providers to answer that call."

Mon, 08 May 2017 04:20:00 -0500 text/html
EMC Exec: Michael Dell Is Avoiding Networking 'Collision Course' With Cisco

Dell Chairman and CEO Michael Dell will maintain a tight relationship with Cisco Systems in the networking market after Dell completes its acquisition of EMC, an EMC executive said at EMC World in Las Vegas this week.

Dell did not mention networking in his keynote address at the conference and, according to an EMC executive, the omission was no accident -- even though Dell competes day in and day out with Cisco in the networking market.

"It's not a coincidence that if you go back and watch the Day 1 presentation, networking was not mentioned by Michael," Chad Sakac, president of EMC's Converged Platforms division, told CRN.

[Related: Michael Dell On Dell-EMC's Storage Overlap, Future Acquisitions And The Blockbuster Deal's Channel Impact]

EMC and Cisco have a longstanding partnership, and while their server relationship has been contentious as EMC develops hyper-converged solutions with x86 servers, some in the industry have speculated that the two companies would increasingly do battle in the networking market soon after Dell's acquisition of EMC is finalized later this year.

"If Dell had a truckload of networking, it would put us on a big strategic collision course with Cisco," Sakac told CRN. "And what is the most important thing to [Cisco]? Is it hyper-converged? No, it's switching, routing, networking. It's a huge thing inside their DNA.

"Everyone is like, 'Hey, Dell sells servers, Cisco sells servers, and when this occurs, there's an inevitable collision course.' But really, it's more like they're doing their thing, and we're doing our thing. If we went and said we're going to go to town with [Dell] Force10 [networking], our ability to partner with Cisco as an ecosystem partner would be dramatically reduced."

Cisco declined to comment for this story, but pointed to a February corporate blog post reaffirming the company’s commitment to its EMC relationships.

A Dell spokesman provided the following comment: "Dell has [publicly] communicated its intent to continue VCE’s relationship with Cisco, assuming the successful satisfaction of customary closing conditions. Michael Dell published an open letter in which he notes 'After joining with Dell, VCE's close working relationship with Cisco will continue. Vblock will continue to follow Cisco's compute and networking roadmaps and EMC's storage roadmaps to bring the latest technologies to VCE customers.' Further, 'We know that VCE is a centerpiece of EMC's 2016 plans, and we are extremely enthusiastic about VCE's future and our continued partnership with Cisco.' "

Dell's 17.5 percent market share in servers in 2015 roundly beat Cisco's 6.4 percent share, according to research firm IDC, and it's likely that Dell will need and want to preserve EMC's networking relationship with Cisco because it doesn't have a significant networking presence on its own, said Sakac. He called that a "feature" of the deal, "not a bug."

Dell, Round Rock, Texas, entered the networking market when it acquired Force10 Networks in 2011, but it finished 2015 with only a 4 percent share in the networking market, compared with a a 57 percent market share for Cisco in data center switch revenue, according to data from the Dell'Oro Group research firm.

In the short term, Dell's best bet is to make the most of the opportunity to sell Cisco networking, said a top executive at one Dell and EMC solution provider who did not want to be named.

"Why would they want to play with anyone but Cisco?" said the solution provider executive. "They're in a great spot. There are good partnerships with Cisco; VMware has relationships with Palo Alto and Arista; Force10 has its market segments. There's no reason to get into a shooting war. For a lot of old partners like us, it's a good deal. Who knows what the future is, but right now I don't think there's any reason to be nervous."

Patrick Moorhead, president and chief analyst at Moor Insights, took a similar position, saying Dell is likely to maintain EMC's Cisco relationship until new technologies take hold in the market.

"They're going to leverage Cisco and Brocade for today's stuff, and [for] tomorrow's stuff, we'll see what they can do with software-defined," said Moorhead. "They've got so many balls in the air that it sounds like they want to keep this networking thing constant until software-defined networking gets off the ground."

Gino Guidi, solutions architect at Sidepath, an Irvine, Calif.-based solution provider and longtime Dell partner that's now signing up with EMC as well, said he believes Dell and EMC will eventually develop a networking play independent of Cisco.

"Dell networking will play nicely with EMC," Guidi told CRN. "Cisco is trying to build a closed networking ecosystem that locks customers in. Dell and Brocade are trying to be open and work with other vendors' ecosystems."

As customers increasingly adopt converged infrastructure, they don't want to manage the switches, Guidi said.

Bob Venero, CEO of Holbrook, N.Y.-based solution provider Future Tech, No. 232 on the CRN 2015 Solution Provider 500, said he expects there to be significant incentives from Dell-EMC to sell an end-to-end Dell offering from the client to the data center.

"If I am Dell and I am one of the last companies that has a true end-to-end solution, I am going to incent my partner community to sell that end-to-end offering," he said. "There is definitely value in supporting an end-to-end Dell solution versus a multitude of vendor offerings. With a single solution, you have a single point of communication, integration and a single P&L [profit and loss statement]. If you go deep and wide with a single vendor it will be a more profitable engagement."

Furthermore, Venero said, Dell will certainly have a compelling end-to-end price-performance advantage against Cisco given the high price of Cisco's annual SmartNet maintenance contracts.

"Dell is going to be much more cost-competitive than Cisco, not only in the acquisition of the product, but in the long-term maintenance as well," he said. "Cisco SmartNet is a huge portion of Cisco's annuity revenue streams that corporations feel they are strong-armed into buying in order to obtain Cisco support."

Joseph F. Kovar and Steven Burke contributed to this story.

Wed, 04 May 2016 10:46:00 -0500 text/html

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Dell Technologies updates storage products for AI

Dell claims up to a 200% performance improvement for PowerScale systems.

Dell's latest move in the generative AI market is the introduction of the second-generation of its all-flash PowerScale storage array with smart scaleout capabilities, OneFS enhancements, and validation of Nvidia SuperPOD integration.

Dell's goal is to make the PowerScale an optimized storage solution for both general AI and generative AI workloads. It achieves this through new hardware and PowerScale OneFS software enhancements, so companies can prepare and infer AI models more quickly. It's promising a doubling of performance increase over the prior generation in both streaming reads and writes.

"The vast majority [of Dell customers] are planning to shift to an AI-first operating model, and in order to stay competitive in their in their separate spaces, how they’re going to do that is using their own data as the differentiator for their AI operations," said Martin Glynn, senior director of product management for Dell unstructured data storage solutions, on a conference call with journalists.

Glen said the latest projections for data growth are 175 zettabytes by the year 2025 and the majority of that is unstructured data in the form of images, videos, documents, and audio sensor data, which Dell kept in mind in designing PowerScale.

PowerScale will have a new scaleout architecture to improve single compute node performance and also to get around siloing of data, said Greg Findlen, senior vice president of product management for Dell's data management solutions.

"A lot of historical or legacy designs have really had coupled compute and storage from a scaling perspective and that has created a lot of limitations and burdens on our customers. [Proper storage] has got to make sure that it has a unified data stack. There’s a huge amount of unstructured data that’s sitting out there, and customers may need to be able to process that," he said.

Dell's strategy is to bring AI to wherever data resides, rather than the other way around. It notes that nearly 87% of companies are embracing multicloud strategies. Dell says it is giving customers the freedom to process data wherever it makes the most sense for them--on-premises, at the edge, or in public clouds.

While PowerScale is primarily an on-premises solution, Dell APEX File Storage in AWS and Azure allows customers to take advantage of cloud-native AI and GenAI workflows on data in public clouds as well as on-premises, with improved data access and movement.

Finally, through a collaboration with Nvidia, customers will have a validated combination of PowerScale with Nvidia's DGX systems, providing high-speed storage connected straight to Nvidia's AI hardware. Dell's solution is expected to be the first Ethernet storage solution validated on NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD. Dell PowerScale OneFS software enhancements will be globally available this month.

The new PowerScale systems will be available in the first half of 2024.

Mon, 11 Dec 2023 10:00:00 -0600 en text/html
Join ARN Thu, 23 Sep 2021 16:46:00 -0500 text/html Dell Women’s Entrepreneurship Network No result found, try new keyword!For more than a decade, the Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network (DWEN) has brought women entrepreneurs together from around the world to help them connect with each other, scale their businesses ... Sun, 02 Aug 2020 01:25:00 -0500 text/html DELL EMC

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