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NCP-MCI Nutanix Certified Professional - Multi cloud Infrastructure

Exam Specification: NCP-MCI Nutanix Certified Professional - Multi cloud Infrastructure

Exam Name: NCP-MCI Nutanix Certified Professional - Multi cloud Infrastructure
Exam Code: NCP-MCI
Exam Duration: 120 minutes
Passing Score: 300 out of 500
Exam Format: Multiple-choice, multiple-answer
Exam Delivery: Proctored online or at a testing center

Course Outline:

1. Introduction to Nutanix Multi cloud Infrastructure
- Overview of Nutanix Multi cloud Infrastructure
- Understanding the benefits and features of Nutanix solutions
- Exploring the architecture and components of Nutanix Multi cloud Infrastructure

2. Nutanix Multi cloud Infrastructure Installation and Configuration
- Preparing for Nutanix Multi cloud Infrastructure installation
- Installing and configuring Nutanix software and hardware components
- Configuring network and storage for Nutanix Multi cloud Infrastructure

3. Nutanix Multi cloud Infrastructure Management and Operations
- Managing Nutanix clusters and virtual machines
- Performing routine maintenance and upgrades
- Monitoring and troubleshooting Nutanix Multi cloud Infrastructure

4. Nutanix Multi cloud Infrastructure Security and Data Protection
- Implementing security measures in Nutanix Multi cloud Infrastructure
- Configuring data protection and disaster recovery solutions
- Managing backups and replication in Nutanix Multi cloud Infrastructure

5. Nutanix Multi cloud Infrastructure Integration and Automation
- Integrating Nutanix with public cloud providers
- Automating tasks and processes using Nutanix APIs and scripting
- Implementing multi-cloud management and orchestration with Nutanix

Exam Objectives:

1. Understand the concepts, benefits, and features of Nutanix Multi cloud Infrastructure.
2. Install and configure Nutanix software and hardware components.
3. Manage Nutanix clusters, virtual machines, and perform routine maintenance tasks.
4. Monitor and troubleshoot Nutanix Multi cloud Infrastructure.
5. Implement security measures and data protection solutions in Nutanix.
6. Integrate Nutanix with public cloud providers and automate tasks using APIs and scripting.
7. Implement multi-cloud management and orchestration with Nutanix.

Exam Syllabus:

Section 1: Introduction to Nutanix Multi cloud Infrastructure (15%)
- Nutanix Multi cloud Infrastructure overview
- Benefits and features of Nutanix solutions
- Architecture and components of Nutanix Multi cloud Infrastructure

Section 2: Nutanix Multi cloud Infrastructure Installation and Configuration (25%)
- Preparing for Nutanix Multi cloud Infrastructure installation
- Installing and configuring Nutanix software and hardware components
- Network and storage configuration for Nutanix Multi cloud Infrastructure

Section 3: Nutanix Multi cloud Infrastructure Management and Operations (30%)
- Managing Nutanix clusters and virtual machines
- Routine maintenance tasks and upgrades in Nutanix
- Monitoring and troubleshooting Nutanix Multi cloud Infrastructure

Section 4: Nutanix Multi cloud Infrastructure Security and Data Protection (15%)
- Implementing security measures in Nutanix Multi cloud Infrastructure
- Data protection and disaster recovery configuration
- Backup and replication management in Nutanix Multi cloud Infrastructure

Section 5: Nutanix Multi cloud Infrastructure Integration and Automation (15%)
- Integrating Nutanix with public cloud providers
- Automation using Nutanix APIs and scripting
- Multi-cloud management and orchestration with Nutanix
Nutanix Certified Professional - Multi cloud Infrastructure
Nautanix Infrastructure PDF Download

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Nutanix Certified Professional - Multicloud
Infrastructure (NCP-MCI) Latest Version
Question: 41
Administrator is creating a Windows 10 VM that will be used for a virtual desktop template. After creating the VM
and booting to the ISO, the administrator is unable to install Windows and receives the following error.
What steps does the administrator need to take to install the OS?
A. Load the Nutanix VirtIO Serial Bus Driver.
B. Load the VirtIO Network Ethernet Adaper.
C. Load the Nutanix Virtual Balloon Driver.
D. Load the Virtual SCSI pass-through controller.
Answer: D
Question: 42
An administrator has been asked to enable block awareness and increase the fault tolerance to FT2 on a Nutanix AHV
cluster with the following configuration:
Four blocks
One node per block
Will the administrator be able to accomplish these tasks?
A. No-Fault tolerance changes are not supported.
B. Yes-FT2 requires a minimum of three nodes.
C. Yes-Block awareness requires a minimum of three blocks.
D. No-FT2 requires a minimum of five nodes.
Answer: D
Question: 43
An administrator wants to replace and old node with a node of newer generation in a 3-node cluster.
The administrator has already chosen the appropriate node. But unable to remove it from the cluster.
Why is the Remove Host option not shown in the exhibit?
A. The host needs to be placed into maintenance Mode before.
B. It is only possible to remove a host from a cluster using CLI.
C. It is not possible to remove a node from a the cluster using Prism Central
D. It is not possible to remove a host from a 3-node cluster.
Answer: D
Question: 44
In the event of a disk failure, which process will immediately ad automatically scans Cassandra to find all data
previously hosted on the failed disk, and all disks in that node?
A. Curator
B. Stargate
C. Genesis
D. Prism
Answer: A
Question: 45
An administrator wants to receive an environment summary report when a host failure occurs.
Which action would address the administrators need?
A. Enable App Discovery
B. Edit report schedule
C. Configure an alert policy
D. Create a playbook
Answer: C
An alert policy can be configured to send out an environment summary report when a host failure occurs. This can be
done by creating a policy that triggers an alert whenever a host fails and then configuring the policy to send out a
report that provides a summary of the environment in which the failure occurred. This will allow the administrator to
quickly get a view of the environment after a failure occurs, allowing them to take the necessary steps to address the
Question: 46
An administrator needs to increase bandwidth available to the AHV host and to the CVM.
How should the administrator complete this task?
A. In Prism, update vs0 to change the configuration to Active-Active.
B. Use manage-ovs commands to update br0 change the configuration to Active-Active.
C. In Prism, create a vsl interface and add any remaining uplinks.
D. Use manage-ovs commands to create br1 and add any remaining uplinks
Answer: A
Question: 47
An Administrator has been asked to deploy VMs using a specific image. The image has been configured with settings
and applications that will be used by engineering to develop a new product by the company.
The image is not available on the desired cluster, but it is available in other cluster associated with Prism Central.
Why isnot the image available?
A. The image bandwidth policy has prevented the image upload.
B. The cluster should be removed from all categories.
C. The cluster has not been added to the correct category
D. The image placement policy was configured with enforcement.
Answer: D
When a placement policy is enforced, images are only allowed to be deployed on clusters that are part of categories
that are associated with the policy. If the desired cluster is not associated with the policy, then the image will not be
available for deployment.
Question: 48
An administrator has an AHV cluster that is comprised of 4 nodes with the following configuration in each node:
CPU:2 each 2.4GHz, 12 core
Memory: 256GB
Disk: 6 each 1.92 SSD
A VM with 16 vCPUs and 96GB of RAM is being created on the cluster.
How should the administrator configure the VM to assure optimal performance?
A. With an affinity policy
B. With memory overcommit
C. With 2 vNUMA nodes
D. With Flash Mode enabled
Answer: C
The best way to configure the VM for optimal performance is to set it up with 2 vNUMA nodes. This will ensure that
the VM is configured to take advantage of the CPU and memory resources available in each node, and it will also
ensure that all of the cores are utilized for the best performance. Additionally, the administrator should ensure that the
VM has an affinity policy set up so that the vCPUs are evenly distributed across the four nodes. Finally, Flash Mode
should be enabled in order to take advantage of the high-performance SSDs that are available in the cluster
Question: 49
On a Nutanix cluster, what does Network Segmentation refer to?
A. A distributed firewall for security VM to VM traffic.
B. Physically separating management traffic from guest VM traffic.
C. Isolating intra-cluster traffic from guest VM traffic.
D. Isolating management traffic from storage replication traffic.
Answer: D
Question: 50
Refer to the exhibit.
An administrator is adding a new node to a cluster. The node has been imaged to the same versions of AHV and AOS
that the cluster running, configured with appropriate IP addresses, and br0-up has been configured the same the
existing uplink bonds
When attempting to add the node to the cluster with the Expand Cluster function in Prism, the cluster is unable to find
the new node.
Based on the above output from the new node, what is most likely the cause of this issue?
A. The ports on the upstream switch are not configured for LACP.
B. The existing and the expansion node are on different VLANs.
C. There is a firewall blocking the discovery traffic from the tlu
D. LACP configuration must be completed after cluster expansion
Answer: B
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Infrastructure Development and Ape Conservation

Crossref Citations

This Book has been cited by the following publications. This list is generated based on data provided by Crossref.

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Andrasi, Balint Jaeger, Jochen A.G. Heinicke, Stefanie Metcalfe, Kristian and Hockings, Kimberley J. 2021. Quantifying the road‐effect zone for a critically endangered primate. Conservation Letters, Vol. 14, Issue. 6,

Galea, Benjamin and Humle, Tatyana 2022. Identifying and mitigating the impacts on primates of transportation and service corridors. Conservation Biology, Vol. 36, Issue. 1,

Ascensão, Fernando D’Amico, Marcello and Barrientos, Rafael 2022. No Planet for Apes? Assessing Global Priority Areas and Species Affected by Linear Infrastructures. International Journal of Primatology, Vol. 43, Issue. 1, p. 57.

Tue, 01 Jun 2021 12:28:00 -0500 en text/html
Nutanix .NEXT 2020: 7 Biggest Product Announcements

CRN breaks down the seven biggest launches Tuesday at Nutanix .NEXT—from new hyperconverged infrastructure software to Kubernetes and security offerings.


Nutanix .NEXT 2020

See the latest entry: Nutanix .Next 2021: 5 Huge Launches You Need To Know

Nutanix’s virtual .NEXT conference kicked off Tuesday as the hyperconverged and hybrid cloud software standout launched a slew of new products and as-a-service offerings ranging from hyperconverged infrastructure software to Kubernetes and security offerings.

“There’s a lot of room for growth in hyperconverged, and channel partners have a huge opportunity right now with Nutanix,” said Nutanix CTO Rajiv Mirani in an interview with CRN. “We’ve made significant investments in R&D to advance our core software stack as you can see with these releases. We’re continuing to set the bar for innovation.”

Thousands of people are expected to participate in Nutanix’s free .NEXT Digital Experience conference, which runs from Sept. 8 to Sept. 11.

CRN breaks down the seven biggest product news and announcements unveiled at Nutanix .NEXT.

Karbon Platform Services: Kubernetes PaaS

One of Nutanix’s biggest launches at .NEXT is its new Karbon Platform Services, a Kubernetes multi-cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS) with automated system-managed security. The new cloud-native PaaS gives software developers a turnkey managed services experience on-premises, in the public cloud or at the edge to build and run cloud-native applications. Karbon Platform Services also lets developers decouple applications from the underlying infrastructure.

“Our Karbon Platform Services is a full PaaS offering that essentially takes some of the most common cloud-native services and makes them available on-premises. So capabilities like Containers as a Service, but also Functions as a Service, serverless applications, support for monitoring with Prometheus, as well as advanced networking and data services,” said Mirani. “Few applications today are just self-contained inside a container, they do use all these other PaaS services as well. … We wanted to make Karbon very simple.”

Karbon Platform Services builds on the core Kubernetes life-cycle management capabilities with Karbon as an integrated component of the Nutanix HCI software. This new offering brings automated system-managed security and multitenancy to run a wide range of microservices-based applications across multiple cloud infrastructures, said Mirani.

“It’s a great opportunity for the channel because as people monetize their applications, they look for new ways to build them,” said Mirani. “This is something that could be a great value-added service that our partners can provide.

Nutanix Karbon Platform Services is now available.

HCI Software With New Blockstore Technology And Intel

Nutanix has revamped its flagship HCI architecture by injecting NVMe-based SSDs and Intel Optane SSDs, delivering up to 50 percent faster performance for I/O-intensive workloads such as large databases.

“It improves performance on some of the most complex workloads that we have by up to 50 percent. Things like latencies when you have sustained operations or IOPS [Input/Out Operations Per Second] when you have sustained operations. The way we did this was to rearchitect AOS,” Nutanix’s Mirani told CRN. “Obviously, it lets us go after the most critical applications like SAP HANA, Epic, etc. So that’s always extending the reach of what we can do.”

Nutanix’s new Blockstore technology self-manages storage with greater efficiency than traditional file systems. In addition, Nutanix HCI software adds support with the Storage Performance Development Kit, an open-source library developed by Intel that enables applications to access NVMe capacity directly in order to avoid any OS or kernel-level overhead and drive even faster workload performance.

“The net result is that with these improvements in performance, we continue to extend our lead,” said Mirani. “It really makes us well positioned for some of the newer hardware technologies that we just started working with.”

The enhanced Nutanix HCI software is now available.

Flow Security Central

Nutanix is launching a new centralized SaaS-based management plan, Flow Security Central, which provides compliance monitoring, network visibility and security operations across Nutanix-powered private clouds and public cloud environments. The offering also provides new micro-segmentation security planning as well as security audit and remediation.

“Flow Security Central is not just networking, it’s a lot more than that. It provides a view into your security posture, into your compliance requirements as well as doing networking monitoring. Think of it as single pane of glass from which you can monitor your Nutanix infrastructure, look for compliance violations, you can get recommendations on how to fix them—but on top of that, you can look into your network traffic, get recommendations on micro-segmentation rules and so on,” said Mirani.

Flow Security Central provides customers with a hub for their security operations so they can assess their overall security posture of Nutanix deployments and generate detailed recommendations to bring environments into compliance. In addition, it offers the network visibility and context needed to secure cloud networks and applications, according to Mirani.

Flow Security Central is now available.

Prism Ultimate

Nutanix is taking its infrastructure and hypervisor management offering, Prism, to the next level with the launch of Prism Ultimate, a cloud-based SaaS service.

Prism Ultimate adds advanced application insight and automation for troubleshooting application-related infrastructure bottlenecks. It also offers visibility into cloud IT resource consumption for targeted IT cost reductions and more accurate budgeting.

Nutanix Prism can also monitor non-Nutanix environments, including popular virtualization stacks, to give Nutanix customers a single pane of glass for their entire infrastructure.

“Prism Ultimate is mainly based around analytics and monitoring, but instead of running on-premises this will run as a SaaS service in the cloud,” said Mirani. “We can apply a lot more resourcing in terms of CPU memory and so on, and provide even deeper insight into what’s happening. Plus, over time, you’ll be able to do cross-customer analytics.”

Prism Ultimate is currently available.

Nutanix Flow Networking, New VPC Technology

Built into Nutanix’s AHV virtualization, Nutanix Flow delivers advanced networking and security services to provide visibility into a virtual network as well as application protection and automation of common network operations.

At .NEXT, Nutanix introduced Flow Networking, aimed at simplifying the tasks of creating, isolating and managing software-defined networks that connect applications running in private data centers and in public clouds. The goal is to significantly simplify networking for hybrid and multi-cloud deployments. The new offering is based on virtual private cloud (VPC) constructs used by the leading public cloud providers and is a result of the company’s multiyear investment in Nutanix Xi Cloud that powers Nutanix’s cloud-based offerings.

“We have our own Xi offering, which lets you do disaster recovery as a service. We’ve developed the technology in the context of that so when people fail over to the Nutanix cloud, they don’t have to change their IP addresses to get their own virtual cloud which they can operate. We’re making that technology available on-premises,” said Mirani. “So people can now create on-premises multiple virtual private clouds completely isolated from each other and enable networking multitenancy within their on-premises infrastructure.”

The new software-defined networking capabilities of Nutanix Flow Networking are currently in development and will become available in late 2020, according to Mirani.

Calm as a Service

Nutanix also unveiled Calm as a Service, a hosted version of its application management and orchestration offering to support DevOps teams.

“Calm itself used to run only on a Nutanix AOS cluster. We’re now making it available as a service. You’ll be able to orchestrate and automate your environments from the cloud,” said Mirani. “So now there’s no dependency at all on Nutanix. Of course, you’ll still be able to orchestrate and automate Nutanix environments as well, but if you’re using it for VMware or cloud environments you can do that straight from the cloud.”

Nutanix Calm automates provisioning, scaling and life-cycle management for the cloud. Calm as a Service is now available.

New Elevate Partner Program

On the channel partner front, Nutanix launched its new Elevate Partner Program that for the first time brings together all of Nutanix’s partner ecosystem from VARs, systems integrators and distributors to service providers and hardware vendors.

Elevate includes new front-end margins, mechanisms to help deliver margin-rich services, better rebate levels for bringing in new business, and a new rebate that rewards Elevate Cloud Champion partners for selling across the entire Nutanix portfolio.

Nutanix also created a new partner portal with greater access to information and insight across the partner ecosystem through custom-branded marketing materials, training tools and personalized insight, allowing for more effective data-driven decisions. Another new enhancement is Nutanix’s new Performance+ Deal Registration, designed to increase incentive potential and opportunity protection. The deal registration program provides increased partner discounts, more predictable deal margins and enhanced opportunity protection.

Nutanix also launched a new Americas Partner Support Center – a team of dedicated channel sales, systems engineers and marketing resources—who will deliver an enhanced partner experience and will be available to usher the partner community through the transition along with ongoing presales support. The Elevate Partner Program emphasizes partner capabilities and competencies to sell and support Nutanix’s portfolio rather than revenue thresholds.

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BPSC Prelims Question Paper: PDF Download

BPSC Prelims Question Paper is one of the best tools for effective preparation for the exam. Candidates going to attempt the BPSC integrated CCE prelims exam must download the BPSC prelims previous year question paper. It provides valuable details about the exam structure, maximum marks, and topics usually asked in the exam.

There are various benefits to solving BPSC previous year question papers, as it will maximise their chances of qualifying for the preliminary exam. It allows them to align their techniques with the latest trends and requirements.

In this article, we have shared the download link to previous years BPSC prelims question papers PDFs along with the latest exam pattern.

BPSC Prelims Question Paper 2024

The BPSC question paper for prelims and main exams is released after the exam is conducted successfully. Candidates planning to appear for the BPSC 70th 2024 exam can download the BPSC prelims question paper PDF for previous years to know where the preparation stands. Reviewing the BPSC previous year question paper will provide insights into the exam requirements and allow them to devise their strategy accordingly. Get the direct link to download the BPSC preliminary question paper PDF. 

BPSC Prelims Previous Year Question Papers PDF

Candidates should solve questions from the BPSC prelims previous year question paper pdf to know the topics from which questions have repeatedly been asked in the exam in the last few years. Also, they should practice the BPSC prelims question paper to discover their strengths and weaknesses and strategize their preparation accordingly.

Going by the past 5 years of exam analysis, it is reported that the difficulty level of questions is easy to moderate in the BPSC prelims previous year paper PDF download. Thus, the questions are expected to be moderately difficult in the upcoming preliminary exam. Hence, solving the BPSC preliminary question papers would be advantageous for preparation.  


Download Link

68th BPSC Prelims Question Paper

Click Here

67th BPSC Prelims Question Paper

Click Here

64th BPSC Prelims Question Paper

Click Here

Benefits of Solving BPSC Prelims Question Papers

There are various benefits to solving BPSC prelims and previous year question papers, as listed below:

  • It helps them track their preparation progress and focus on strengthening their mistakes to score well in the exam.
  • Solving BPSC prelims question papers will increase their question-solving speed, time management, and accuracy in the exam.
  • Solving BPSC question papers will help them analyse their strengths and weaknesses and devote time to topics accordingly in the last phase of their preparation.
  • Attempting BPSC prelims question papers with solutions PDF will allow them to understand topics often asked in the exam, along with the question weightage and difficulty level.

How to Attempt BPSC Prelims Question paper?

To solve the BPSC prelims question paper correctly, follow the steps shared below:

  • Read the entire BPSC prelims question paper carefully.
  • Set a count-down timer or stopwatch to solve the questions in real timed environment.
  • Attempt familiar questions first, then pick the less familiar ones in the BPSC preliminary question papers.
  • Once the timers stop, avoid attempting any questions and cross-check their answers with the answer key to know their overall performance.

BPSC Prelims Question Papers Analysis

As per the previous year BPSC prelims exam analysis, the overall difficulty level of the BPSC question paper was easy to moderate. A total of 150 questions were asked in the BPSC preliminary question paper. Questions were asked about topics like history, geography, polity, economy, general science, current affairs, bihar specific, aptitude and reasoning sections, etc.

BPSC Prelims Question Paper Pattern

Candidates should check the BPSC question paper pattern to understand the structure, question type, distribution of marks, and the marking scheme defined by the officials.  The BPSC prelims exam comprises objective-type questions for 150 marks. The medium of the question paper will be Hindi and English. The BPSC preliminary exam pattern for 2024 is shared below.



Maximum Marks


General Studies

Objective type Multiple Choice

150 marks

2 hours

Also Check,

Wed, 03 Jan 2024 04:24:00 -0600 en text/html
IGNOU Previous Year Question Papers: Download PDF

IGNOU TEE Previous Year Question Paper is one of the best resources to prepare effectively for the exam. Candidates aspiring for the upcoming exam must download and solve the IGNOU TEE Previous Year Question Paper regularly. It provides valuable details about the exam structure, maximum marks, and topics asked in the exam. 

There are various advantages of practicing IGNOU TEE previous year question papers during the preparation of the term-end examination of different courses. It helps them to establish a strategy based on the latest trends and exam requirements. The IGNOU TEE previous year's question paper is announced within a few weeks after successfully conducting the exam. 

The exam prep team of Jagran Josh has compiled the IGNOU TEE previous year question papers for on this page. This will assist them to recognize their mistakes and boost their preparation level accordingly.

IGNOU TEE Previous Year Question Papers PDF

Candidates should practice the IGNOU TEE previous year's question paper pdf to get insights into the type of questions along with the weightage asked in the exam over the past year of different courses. Also, they should practice IGNOU TEE previous year question paper to know the areas that require improvements and prepare accordingly.

IGNOU TEE Exam Previous Year Question Paper PDF

Candidates should download and solve the IGNOU TEE previous year's question papers PDF to gauge their preparation. By analyzing their performance in the previous papers, they can improve their speed, accuracy, and overall time management. Get the direct download link of IGNOU TEE previous year question papers PDF for  2010, to 2022 given below:

Benefits of Solving IGNOU Previous Year Question Papers

There are numerous benefits of practicing IGNOU TEE previous year question papers as listed below:

  • Candidates should solve IGNOU TEE previous year question paper regularly to maximize their passing chances in the exam.
  • Practicing previous year papers will boost their speed of solving questions and accuracy in the exam.
  • Solving IGNOU TEE question papers will help them to cover all the aspects of the exam.
  • Attempting IGNOU TEE previous year question papers with solutions PDF will help them know the nature of questions along with the weightage in the exam.

How to Attempt IGNOU TEE Previous Year Question Paper?

Candidates must solve IGNOU TEE previous year question paper correctly to understand the actual exam pressure and prepare in the right direction:

  • Go through the IGNOU TEE previous year question paper carefully and then start solving questions.
  • Place a countdown clock to attempt the exam papers in a real-time environment.
  • Attempt easy and less time-consuming questions first, then solve the lengthy ones in the IGNOU TEE previous year's question papers.
  • Once the countdown stops, one must not solve any questions and tally their answers with the provisional key to get an idea of their performance and rectify their errors.

IGNOU TEE December 2023 Hall Ticket

IGNOU 2023 June TEE hall ticket has been released on their official website. Candidates can enter their enrollment number and choose the relevant programme to obtain their IGNOU hall ticket. It is required candidates bring their IGNOU hall ticket 2023 and other identification with them on exam day.

Thu, 09 Nov 2023 20:13:00 -0600 en text/html
Nutanix (NTNX) Up 10.6% Since Last Earnings Report: Can It Continue? No result found, try new keyword!A month has gone by since the last earnings report for Nutanix (NTNX). Shares have added about 10.6% in that time frame, outperforming the S&P 500. Will the recent positive trend continue leading up ... Fri, 29 Dec 2023 02:30:10 -0600 en-us text/html Nutanix Bests VMware As Hyperconverged Software Leader

‘Nutanix continues to be the clear market leader as shown by recognition from customers, partners and analysts,’ Nutanix CEO Dheeraj Pandey tells CRN.


Nutanix And VMware Battle For HCI Software Leadership

Nutanix and VMware owned a combined 93 percent of the global hyperconverged infrastructure software market in the second quarter of 2020, according to new data from IT research firm Gartner.

Nutanix CEO Dheeraj Pandey said that hyperconverged software and subscription, not hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) hardware, is the true technology driver in the market today.

“Just like photography morphed from film rolls to digital cameras to a camera app in its journey of digitization, HCI has moved from hardware appliances to software to subscription and cloud software,” said Pandey in statement to CRN. “Through this process, Nutanix continues to be the clear market leader as shown by recognition from customers, partners and analysts.”

CRN breaks down Gartner’s hyperconverged software market-share numbers for the second quarter of 2020.

Gartner HCI Software-Only Market-Share Methodology

Gartner defines HCI software as a commercially available software product, where software-defined storage, compute virtualization and management tools are either preintegrated or can be integrated with a third-party hypervisor and management tools and can run on commodity hardware.

Gartner’s measurements and tracking of hyperconverged software sales and market share differ from fellow research firm IDC. IDC’s software market-share numbers include hardware sales. While IDC’s software numbers represent the value of all HCI hardware, HCI software and systems infrastructure software sold, Gartner excludes hardware sales when tracking HCI software market share. Some believe Gartner provides a more accurate view of the HCI software market because it measures only software sales and excludes hardware revenue.

Gartner gives revenue credit to the actual HCI software provider. It includes software maintenance or services revenue, but excludes professional or consulting services. Software revenue for perpetual and term-based subscription licenses are included together. Individual hypervisor license revenue is excluded from Gartner’s overall HCI software revenue quarterly tracking.

Worldwide HCI Software Market In Q2 Fell 5 Percent

Total worldwide hyperconverged software sales reached $373 million in the second quarter of 2020, representing a drop of 5 percent year over year, according to Gartner. Hyperconverged software has become a major component for enabling hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments.

There are two dominant leaders in the software hyperconverged infrastructure market, Nutanix and VMware, which combined won a total of 93.3 percent share of the global market.

Other software HCI vendors, such as Pivot3, Stormagic and Maxta, owned a combined 6.7 percent share of the total $373 million in sales during the second quarter.

No. 2: VMware

HCI Software Q2 2020 Share: 40.5%

VMware placed second in the worldwide HCI software-only market by generating $151 million in software revenue in the second quarter of 2020, representing a 7.9 percent sales decline year over year. The Palo Alto, Calif.-based virtualization star won 40.5 percent share of the global market, down 3 points compared with 43.7 percent share in second quarter 2019.

VMware’s vSAN-powered HCI software is part of an appliance sold by OEMs or technology partners such as Dell Technologies and Lenovo. vSAN software is certified with 500 server platforms as vSAN ReadyNodes in offerings including Dell EMC VxRail, HPE Integrated ReadyNodes, Hitachi UCP and Lenovo ThinkAgile VX. Gartner does not include revenue VMware generates from vSphere licenses in its quarterly HCI software market-share measurement.

No. 1: Nutanix

HCI Software Q2 2020 Share: 52.8%

Nutanix won the gold medal for hyperconverged software share in the second quarter of 2020 by capturing $197 million in sales, up 8.6 percent year over year. The San Jose, Calif.-based hybrid cloud software superstar won more than half of the worldwide market with 52.8 percent share, up from 48.3 percent share in second-quarter 2019.

Nutanix sells NX appliances and HCI software only via OEMs such as Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Lenovo and Dell Technologies. Gartner does not include Nutanix HCI software sales from third-party hypervisors in its quarterly HCI software market-share measurement.

According to Forester analysts, Nutanix has the best-ranked hyperconverged software product in the world with Nutanix AOS. In the new “Forrester Wave: Hyperconverged Infrastructure Q3 2020” report, Nutanix AOS version 5.16 had near-perfect scores in terms of product offering, strategy and market presence.

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The Growth Matrix Reviews (12-Week Program Truth Exposed!) Legit & Effective Exercises Training For Men? PDF Download!
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The Growth Matrix is a 12-week online program created by Ryan Mclane that works to enhance male reproductive health as well as improve blood circulation throughout the body. Learn everything in this comprehensive review!

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What is The Growth Matrix?

The Growth Matrix is a digital program for men. This program helps men unlock their growth potential. Men expect to be stronger, healthier, more attractive, and more energetic.

The program focuses on making men better in terms of their manhood. The Growth Matrix has numerous guides, video series, ebooks, and bonuses to help men learn better ways to unlock their manhood.

The program provides men with great advice, tips, and techniques that can help them become muscular and more attractive. This is a dream program for every man on the globe.

The Growth Matrix is a scientific online program that focuses on improving the blood flow and regulation of the male reproductive system.

It also enhances the hormone production and cycle in men. This helps men feel manlier than ever before. The program helps men unlock new heights of healthier testosterone levels and better reproductive systems at any age.

The program contains useful videos that act as demonstrations. Overall, these ebooks and videos teach men how they can perform certain exercises to strengthen their muscles and reproductive system naturally.

Many men have tried The Growth Matrix and have reported seeing a massive improvement in their blood circulation and regulation.

They even report having more energy than before. Some men can easily build more toned and sculpted muscles too.

Ryan Mclane’s growth matrix program has been used by many adult movie actors to sculpt their bodies as well. The Growth Matrix is thus, by far, the most trusted and guaranteed program for men.

Scientific Functioning of the Growth Matrix Program:

The Growth Matrix program is backed by science. As per scientific research and data, exercising in a certain way can increase blood circulation to the genitals.

When men grow older, their circulatory system slows down, and they face problems with their reproductive system as well.

To overcome such health issues, men must perform certain movements, strumming techniques, and exercises to activate their reproductive health at any age.

The Growth Matrix program makers know that most men would find it difficult to focus and perform these exercises every day.

Hence, they even made a tracking system that helps men analyse their growth and note down their progress. The program is said to promote motivation, dedication, and self-appreciation. 

As men need to improve their hormonal balance to regulate their mood and energy levels, men must eat right, exercise right, and live right. This program teaches all of these so men can improve their overall health in no time.

The movements shown in the program are different from what you do in any gym. This is not a cardio program.

The movements are designed by experts to enhance your muscle tone and blood circulation in specific parts of the body.

This can help man you up! In order to ensure 100% efficiency, the techniques were even tried by top-rated adult movie stars and they have approved of this program.

Since it is backed by science and is recommended by experts, it is guaranteed to help every man.

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Inside The Growth Matrix Program:

The Growth Matrix Program contains 7 components. Each of those are discussed below.

The Growth Matrix Full Program: The Growth Matrix full program consists of important movements, techniques, tricks, written guides with amazing secrets that are guaranteed to work, testimonials, and so much more. The program is recommended for all men who wish to improve their muscle growth, strength, and reproductive organ function. This program helps improve energy levels naturally and reduces mood fluctuations and hormonal issues.

The Immediate Inches QuickStart Guide: This quickstart guide helps you add inches to your smooth muscle and overall muscle. This helps you bulk up in the strongest way ever. The quickstart is truly quick as the movements mentioned in the guide are quick to perform and can be performed anywhere and at any time. No one will be able to notice that you did those movements. These will form the core of your overall growth and muscle development.

The Platinum Video Series: The video series contains a lot of demonstrating actions, exercises and tricks that all men can use to strengthen their muscles and overall health. The program’s video series is known for its scientific movements that can practically be very effective in improving blood circulation to the endothelium. Also, some movements in the video series can improve energy levels, mood, and strength.

The 6 Minutes To A Monster Strength Exercise Guide: This guide takes just 6 minutes to incorporate or perform. Within six minutes, you can experience a change in energy levels and better circulation to your reproductive system. This is scientifically designed to help you improve your reproductive organ health.

The Digital Growth Tracking System: This system is meant to motivate you to keep progressing. You can track your progress and monitor your growth with a digital growth system. This tracking system shows your current and past records to help you see the difference in your male reproductive health.

The Adult Star PlayBook: This book contains maximum information and details on what most adult stars do to improve their physique and muscle tone. These stars have tried and used many strumming techniques, movements, and exercises that help improve their overall health. This book also contains great insights on how a man can improve his reproductive health naturally.

All Access Support: This is vital as most men need to remain motivated by speaking with experts, getting access to most bonuses on every device, and email access as well. Also, you can download most of the bonuses and videos to access them later. The access is easy.


  • It helps men improve their blood circulation and regulation.
  • It improves reproductive organ health and the entire system.
  • It helps regulate the health of the endothelium.
  • The Growth Matrix improves smooth muscle function.
  • It targets your muscles and makes them stronger and more flexible.
  • It helps increase energy levels to keep you active throughout the day.
  • It improves the functions of the reproductive gland.
  • It regulates certain hormones and increases the production of free testosterone.
  • It improves your body’s ability to fight stress and stressors.
  • It helps men remain healthy for a long time.

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Ryan Mclane The Growth Matrix Program – Availability

The program is a digital program but is available for a limited period only. It is only available for purchase on its official website. You can’t get it from any other platform.

The Growth Matrix program is available as a limited edition for men who truly want to succeed in their personal growth and development.

Since the program has helped so many men improve their muscle strength, reproductive health, hormonal balance, energy, and vigour, it is evident that the industry is jealous of the makers.

Hence, they may conspire to take this down. If you’re interested in improving your overall health, you should definitely get your access right away.

Price and Discount:

The retail price of The Growth Matrix Program is $499 as it contains 7 important components that value way more.

However, to help everyone benefit from this program, there’s a huge discount available with free bonuses only on the official website of The Growth Matrix program.

The discounted price of The Growth Matrix Program is just $67 today. This includes:

  • The Growth Matrix Full Program
  • The Immediate Inches QuickStart Guide
  • The Platinum Video Series
  • The 6 Minutes To A Monster Strength Exercise Guide
  • The Digital Growth Tracking System
  • The Adult Star PlayBook
  • All Access Support

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  • The Magic Beanstalk Length Routine: The first bonus helps you improve your muscle strength and tone naturally. It is an add-on to the original guide and helps men understand their bodies better.
  • Release The Beast Girth Routine: This helps supercharge your manhood and overcome all barriers to the reproductive system in men. This guide helps gain confidence and sustain life-long motivation to improve male health.
  • Man Star Activation System: This system is many men’s favourite bonus as it makes you very strong and attractive, like one of those adult stars. This system activates amazing strength and muscle growth in your body.
  • The WTS Magazine: This magazine’s access is given to you for 14 days. You can read, gain information, and work to implement its details in your daily life to improve your physique and internal health naturally.

Guarantee Period for The Growth Matrix Program:

All purchases of the program from the official website are backed by a 365-day 100% money-back guarantee.

This means you can enjoy the bonuses and the entire program risk-free for 365 days and see how it works for you.

If you’re unhappy with your purchase for any reason, you can ask for a full refund within 365 days of buying the program from its official website.


The Growth Matrix is a superior-quality digital program meant to help men grow in terms of their manhood.

The program comes with several guides and video series, some bonuses, and tracking systems to help men keep track of their achievements and progress. 

The program helps men understand how they can increase their blood circulation to the reproductive system and reduce problems.

It has helped thousands of men gain more confidence, energy, better digestion, improved muscle mass and many other health benefits naturally.

The program contains easy exercises and movements that can be done by all men.

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Can The Growth Matrix be used by men over the age of 40 or 50?
Yes, The Growth Matrix is for every man on this planet. It works for men in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s as well.

All you need is the will to perform the workouts, movements, exercises, track improvement, and implement everything mentioned in the program’s guides.

Does The Growth Matrix promote supplements or cause side effects?
No, The Growth Matrix does not promote taking any supplements. It is based on exercising and using specific scientific techniques that are proven to boost blood flow to the reproductive organs in men.

The program advises men on the correct ways of eating, living, and exercising. Hence, there are no side effects. The movements are very easy to perform and any man can do these movements at any time of the day.

How much time does one have to give to The Growth Matrix program?
The program requires 6-10 minutes a day to start the exercises, and you must dedicate a few more minutes every day for the best results. It is suggested that you continue using the program for a year or at least six months to get the best out of it.

Is The Growth Matrix only for the male reproductive system?
No, the program supports blood circulation and regulation. This benefits the reproductive organs and system.

However, it benefits many other areas of the body. The program improves your energy levels, mood, hormones, and so much more than just reproductive system health.

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Disclaimer: We might receive compensation when you buy through our website, and we may earn a small affiliate commission.

The news and editorial staff of the Times Standard had no role in this post’s preparation. This is a paid advertisement and does not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Times Standard, its employees, or subsidiaries.

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