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NS0-194 Practice Test - NetApp Certified Support Engineer Updated: 2024

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NS0-194 NetApp Certified Support Engineer

Title: NetApp Certified Support Engineer (NS0-194)

Test Detail:
The NetApp Certified Support Engineer (NS0-194) exam is designed to validate the knowledge and skills required to support and troubleshoot NetApp storage systems and software. This certification is intended for individuals who work in technical support roles and provide assistance to customers with NetApp storage solutions.

Course Outline:
The NetApp Certified Support Engineer course provides participants with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills in supporting NetApp storage systems. The following is a general outline of the key areas covered in the certification program:

1. NetApp Storage Fundamentals:
- Introduction to NetApp storage systems and architecture
- Understanding storage protocols (NFS, CIFS, iSCSI, FCoE)
- NetApp Data ONTAP operating system overview

2. NetApp Hardware Support:
- Identifying and troubleshooting hardware components
- Installation and replacement procedures
- Configuring and managing disk shelves and controllers

3. Data ONTAP Administration and Configuration:
- Managing storage aggregates and volumes
- Configuring networking and storage protocols
- Implementing storage efficiency features (deduplication, compression)

4. Data Protection and Disaster Recovery:
- Configuring backup and restore operations
- Implementing snapshots and replication
- Understanding disaster recovery options and procedures

5. Performance Monitoring and Troubleshooting:
- Monitoring system performance and identifying bottlenecks
- Analyzing performance statistics and logs
- Troubleshooting common storage and network issues

6. Troubleshooting Storage Issues:
- Identifying and resolving storage-related problems
- Troubleshooting data access and connectivity issues
- Applying best practices for problem-solving

Exam Objectives:
The NetApp Certified Support Engineer (NS0-194) exam assesses candidates' ability to support and troubleshoot NetApp storage systems. The exam objectives include, but are not limited to:

1. Demonstrating knowledge of NetApp storage fundamentals and architecture.
2. Configuring and managing NetApp storage systems.
3. Troubleshooting storage-related issues and performance problems.
4. Applying best practices for data protection and disaster recovery.

The NetApp Certified Support Engineer certification program typically includes instructor-led training and hands-on labs provided by NetApp or authorized training partners. The syllabus provides a breakdown of the topics covered throughout the course, including specific learning objectives and milestones. The syllabus may include the following components:

- Introduction to NetApp storage and NS0-194 exam overview
- NetApp Storage Fundamentals
- NetApp Hardware Support
- Data ONTAP Administration and Configuration
- Data Protection and Disaster Recovery
- Performance Monitoring and Troubleshooting
- Troubleshooting Storage Issues
- Exam Preparation and Practice Tests
- Final NetApp Certified Support Engineer (NS0-194) Certification Exam
NetApp Certified Support Engineer
Network-Appliance Certified Practice Test

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NetApp Certified Support Engineer
Question: 50
A large amount of data was deleted from a volume. After a few hours, the space was still not available to NFS clients accessing the volume.
What are two reasons that would account for this problem? (Choose two.)
A . The client needs to re-scan the volume to detect the changes.
B . There is a thick-provisioned LUN in the volume.
C . The volume contains Snapshot copies that were taken before the data was deleted.
D . The deleted data was all deduplicated data.
Answer: AC
Question: 51
An administrator notices that the clustered Data ONTAP 8.2.3 controllers are less responsive than normal. You use On Command Performance Manager but do not
see obvious problems, yet, this particular issue is constant. Users are starting to complain.
Which tool would you use to collect data to help diagnose this issue?
A. Perfmon
B. Auto Support
A. Performance Archive
B. Perfstat
Answer: A
Question: 52
A customer mentions that after replacing a failed power supply, their FAS2220 system is now unavailable.
Which statement is correct In this scenario?
A . The FAS2220 system shut down after 15 minutes due to having only one power supply installed.
B . The FAS2220 system requires both power supplies properly functioning to serve data.
C . The power supply is not hot-swappable on a FAS2220.
D . The FAS2220 system requires that the power supply is replaced within two minutes after removal.
Answer: B
Question: 53
A 2-node cluster (Node-1 and Node-2) has suffered a takeover event. The down node (Node-1) is currently waiting for give back.
However, it is unsure if the node will boot successfully. The client suffer any data outage.
Which command would you use to perform the give back?
A . CLUSTER::> storage failover giveback -from node Node-2
B . CLUSTER::> storage failover giveback -of node Node-1-only-do-aggregates
C . CLUSTER::> storage failover giveback -of node Node-1-override-vetoes true cannot
D . CLUSTER::> storage failover giveback -of node Node-1-require-partner-waiting false
Answer: D
Question: 54
A customer discovers fault lights on both HA interconnect links in a 2-node cluster. The customer is concerned about the cluster’s ability to serve data.
Which statement is true in this scenario?
A . The HA interconnect links would automatically recover from this temporary state.
B . You should perform a takeover and serve the data in failover state.
C . ONTAP clustering does not depend on HA interconnect links and will continue to serve data.
D . You should reboot both nodes.
Answer: C
Question: 55
A customer created a new storage virtual machine (SVM) named "svm-nfs". They enabled only NFSv3 and created a new export policy called "Linux". In this
policy, they created a rule replacing the default rule that shows the host specifier to be IP address
This configuration has worked well for the past two weeks for all Linux clients. A new Linux client is about to be put into production but it is not able to access the
NFS mount. The root user on this new client is not able to mount as well. They receive the "access denied" error.
Which statement is correct in this scenario?
A . The new client’s IP address is not in the same subnet that is specified in the export policy rule.
B . The time on the controller is skewed by more than five minutes.
C . The volume is NTFS security style.
D . There is no export policy entry for the namespace for this export.
Answer: A
Question: 56
You have an aggregate with 10 TB of free space. You create a 5 TB volume with space-guarantee set to none and fractional reserve set to 0. Inside the volume, you
create a 100 GB space-reserved LUN.
In this scenario, how much free space is left in the aggregate?
A . 9.8 TB
B . 10 TB
C . 5 TB
D . 9.9 TB
Answer: D
Question: 57
You are planning to move to a newer clustered Data ONTAP version.
Which two resources should you review prior to the move? (Choose two.)
A . Upgrade Advisor
C . System Administration Guide for Cluster Administrators
D . Software Setup Guide
Answer: AB
Question: 58
Referring to the exhibit.
A database administrator explains that the backup job scheduled to complete by 7:00 AM is not completing as fast as expected. You log in to theFAS3240 system
and execute a few commands and obtain the output shown in the exhibit.
Which system resource would you eliminate as a eliminate as a problem based on the command output?
B . memory
C . network
D . disk
Answer: B
Question: 59
Your storage system has experienced a double-disk failure. When is this scenario considered to be in double-degraded mode?
A . when two disks failed in a single RAID group
B . when two disks failed on a single disk shelf
C . when two disks failed on a single aggregate
D . when two disks failed on a node
Answer: A
Question: 60
You started work at a company that uses ONTAP for storage. You want to verify that AutoSupport OnDemand is configured. In this scenario, which transport
protocol is used?
Answer: D
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Best Internet Speed Tests for 2024
See at Fast


Best internet speed test for streamers

See at M-Lab

M-Lab Internet Speed Test

Easiest internet speed test to use

Do you know how fast your internet speed is right now? If the answer is no, there’s a simple way to change that in the next 5 minutes. A quick internet speed test will tell you exactly how fast your connection is and how it compares to your internet service provider’s advertised speeds.

There are many speed tests out there that can do this simple job, so which one should you trust?

Best internet speed test overall

Using a good speed test, such as Ookla's, our pick for the best speed test overall, will help you determine what speeds you're getting at your address. You might be surprised to find they’re lower than the advertised speeds from your provider.

To help you decide which test is best for you, we evaluated multiple speed tests based on speed, consistency, accessibility and browser compatibility. Here are our top picks.

Watch this: How to speed up your Wi-Fi

Best internet speed tests

Screenshot by Ry Crist/CNET

One of our favorites is the Ookla speed test, which has a strong reputation for consistency and is one of the first speed tests on the web. We like Ookla for having everything you need from a speed test: accuracy, the ability to view your speed test history (when you create an account), a wide array of servers to connect to, and even a handy app for speed testing from your Android or iOS device. Ookla's speed test is also the one we use when we're testing Wi-Fi routers.

Ookla's done a good job keeping up with the times by adding new features and capabilities. The service released a video-specific speed test that measures your network's ability to handle 4K video streams, and it also offers its own VPN service. In addition to the website and the smartphone apps, Ookla also has apps you can run on Windows or Mac. You can even run the Ookla speed test on an Apple TV.

One minor downside: Ookla does display banner ads while you run basic speed tests. It's not a huge deal, though it might slightly impact your results, depending on the strength of your connection at the time of the test.

Screenshot by Ry Crist/CNET

Fast.com is another great broadband test, and the interface is about as simple as possible. Plus, one of its biggest advantages is that Netflix owns it. That makes it a great pick for online streamers because the test is structured to see if your connection is strong enough to stream Netflix in maximum resolution without buffering.

While Fast.com is a great tool for some, it won't be the most helpful test for all users. The basic interface is easy to use, but it also lacks some of the advanced settings and metrics you'll find with other speed tests. Most notably, you can't specify which server you'd like to connect with for your test.

Screenshot by Ry Crist/CNET

All of these speed tests are simple to use, but the M-Lab Internet Speed Test is probably the easiest. Short for Measurement Lab, the open-source M-Lab test was developed by a collection of computer scientists and academic researchers with Google's backing -- and it's the test that pops up whenever you type "internet speed test" into the Google search bar. Just click the blue "RUN SPEED TEST" button to see your download speed, upload speed and latency within seconds.

That's about as simple as it gets because you won't need to bookmark it or remember exactly what it's called. There are no ads while you run the test; the only data shared with M-Lab is your IP address. Just know that the M-Lab test doesn't let you pick which server you'll use during the test, and it's designed for internet speeds of only up to 700 Mbps. You'll need to turn elsewhere if you're trying to speed-test a gigabit connection.

Screenshot by Ry Crist/CNET

If you're looking for a test that looks at speed and consistency, Speedof.me is the way to go. Similar to Ookla, the test interface shows fluctuations in your upload and download speeds. Over time, that can make it easier to spot when something is amiss with your connection, especially since Speedof.me lets you compare your results with previous tests. Its mobile-friendly website is also great for running tests on your phone, allowing you to do a quick speed test on the go without downloading an app. 

Speedof.me isn't a perfect option, though. For starters, there's no option for manually selecting which server you connect with. And if home networking isn't your forte, the visualized data might seem more confusing or overwhelming than something like Fast.com, which gives you a number.

Screenshot by Ry Crist/CNET

Testmy.net is an internet speed test that runs entirely on HTML5 and PHP. That means it doesn't require third-party software like Java or Flash to run your test, which can produce more accurate results. That also makes it a useful tool for comparing performance between different browsers. You can also create an account to track your internet speed for future reference or comparison. 

It's not the most user-friendly tool, however. With a good deal of in-depth data, you'll have a lot of information to look through, much of which might not be relevant to you. The design is also a little ugly by speed test standards, and it takes a few clicks before you begin a test, which isn't as streamlined as other speed tests that feature big "Go" buttons as soon as you load the page.

Tips for taking an internet speed test

Running a speed test is typically as simple as finding the test and clicking the start prompt, but there are some extra measures you can take to get more accurate and informative results. Here are a few tips to consider when taking an internet speed test.

  • Test using both Ethernet and Wi-Fi connections. Testing over an Ethernet connection will give you a better look at the actual speeds you're getting from your provider. Often, you can run such tests straight through your router via the router's accompanying app. Follow the Ethernet test with a test over Wi-Fi for an idea of the speed difference via Wi-Fi versus wired connection.
  • Test at varying distances from your router. Distance from the router can affect your Wi-Fi speeds. Try running a few speed tests at varying distances from the router and perhaps other rooms or floors of your home to gauge your router's range and identify any dead zones. 
  • Test using different devices. Run a speed test on your computer, phone, smart TV, gaming console, etc. If speeds drastically differ between devices, you may need to adjust device or router settings to improve performance across all devices.
  • Test at different times of the day. Depending on your internet connection type, peak usage times (typically weeknight evenings when many stream their entertainment) can hinder your speeds. Try running a few speed tests throughout the day for an idea of when your connection is at its peak performance. Keep those times in mind -- they are ideal for scheduling downloads of large files such as video games or movies.

What are the different test types?

There are many types of speed tests that can help you better understand your internet speed. 

  • Download and upload speed tests refer to how quickly you can receive and send data to the internet. Actions such as surfing the web or streaming videos fall under downloading speed while sending emails or uploading photos and videos online fall under upload speed. 
  • A ping or latency speed test shows how long it takes for your device to receive a response after sending a signal to the server. Think of it this way: when a button on a video game controller is pressed, an action is triggered on the screen. A ping test measures the time between the command and the outcome, so a higher latency speed means a slower reaction time.
  • Jitter speed tests describe how the data flows between all the network devices. Data is transmitted between devices at a set interval, but the connection can turn laggy as a network becomes more congested -- this is jitter.
  • Streaming speed tests check if your internet connection is strong enough to stream in maximum resolution with little to no buffering. Since streaming videos requires more bandwidth, the download speed must be high enough to support the action.

How CNET chose these internet speed tests

For over 20 years, we have used respectable sources, expert opinions and a hands-on approach to review data. We strive to personally test products and services to give insight to readers and offer them multiple options for what they're looking for. Our team has approved these internet speed tests through several factors, including speed, consistency, accessibility and browser compatibility. In fact, Ookla's speed test is the one we use when we're testing Wi-Fi routers, so we know from firsthand experience that it's reliable. 

Internet speed test FAQs

What's a good internet speed?

The Federal Communications Commission defines broadband speeds as having downloads of at least 25 megabits per second and uploads of at least 3Mbps. Still, by the FCC's own speed guide, that's the bare minimum for things like streaming 4K video and sharing large files over the web. 

Internet plans with multi-gig speeds as high as 2, 3, 5 or even 10 gigabits per second (that's 10,000Mbps) are starting to emerge from many providers, including AT&T, Comcast, Frontier, Verizon Fios, Ziply Fiber and others. But plans like those are overkill for most homes, at least for now. The ideal is a symmetrical internet connection with uploads that are just as fast as the downloads -- speeds of 100Mbps would be perfectly fine for most homes.

Why are my internet speeds so slow?

There are a few things possibly affecting your speeds, but using a Wi-Fi connection is the most likely cause of tested speeds lower than the speeds your ISP runs to the home. 

Wi-Fi will almost always be slower than an Ethernet connection. Moving away from your router can further hinder your speeds. If there are walls or other obstructions between your router and the device you're using, this could cause your internet speed to fall. 

In other instances, your internet speed can fluctuate depending on peak usage hours. Possibly worst of all, if your internet provider enforces data caps or throttles connections to help maintain overall network performance, you'll experience noticeable hits to your internet speed.

Keep this in mind when running a speed test and take measures to mitigate potential speed disruptions. For example, moving closer to the router can help get more accurate results. But for the best result, try testing over an Ethernet connection, if possible. Also, consider running a few speed tests throughout the day to know how your speeds fluctuate at different times.

Do some ISPs offer their own speed tests?

Yes! Many nationwide internet providers, like Google, Spectrum and Xfinity, offer speed tests on their site. While using their service-specific tests is convenient, we recommend using one separate from your provider for a greater sense of objectivity.

Fast.com vs. Speedtest.net: Which is better?

While both internet speed tests are good options to determine your connection's strength, each has pros and cons. Since Fast.com is owned and operated by Netflix, it's a great test for online streamers relying on decent bandwidth. However, it's not as in-depth as Speedtest.net for providing analytics and doesn't let users specify which server they'd like to connect with. Speedtest.net, on the other hand, has a strong reputation for consistency, but it has banner ads that may slightly affect its test results.

In addition to showing you the current upload and download speeds for whatever device you're running the test on, most internet speed tests will also give you a figure called ping, a latency measurement measured in milliseconds. Simply put, the ping number is the time it takes for your device to send a signal to whatever distant server you connected to during the speed test and then receive a response. Think of it like a round-trip flight time for your internet connection.

Ping will go up if you're connecting to a very faraway server or if there's some interference somewhere in the connection. Your ping might also rise slightly if you connect through a mesh router or a range extender, where your data needs multiple wireless jumps before reaching the modem.

In most cases, ping differences are pretty minor, enough so that you won't notice them without running a speed test. That said, you will start to notice high ping if you're trying to make split-second decisions in an online multiplayer game, and it can also cause annoying delays during video call conversations.

Like ping, jitter is measured in milliseconds, but instead of measuring the time it takes your device to send data to a remote server and receive a response, jitter describes latency differences between the flow of data to various client devices on your network. If the jitter gets too high, it means that data isn't flowing to your device as efficiently as it probably should, and that can cause problems like buffering during streaming and video calls.

Can speed tests help improve my internet speeds?

Speed tests won't do anything to change the speed of your home's Wi-Fi network, but they're a great diagnostic tool -- a quick way to check how your network is performing in various spots around your home.

The best way to put speed tests to use is to run them on your phone or laptop in various rooms throughout your house. If you find a dead zone where speeds come crashing down, you might want to consider putting a range extender in the closest room to that dead zone where speeds are strong -- from there, it'll rebroadcast your Wi-Fi signal and potentially speed things up. If you find multiple dead zones in places where you'd like to connect, it might be time to upgrade your router. For the best whole-home Wi-Fi coverage, consider going with a mesh router that uses multiple devices.

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MTTC tests are meant to ensure that each certified teacher has the necessary skills and subject area knowledge to serve in Michigan's schools. These tests are designed and implemented by the Michigan Department of Education.

Save all official MTTC score reports in a safe place because you may need them for employment or teacher certification in other states. If you need new score reports, additional copies may be ordered using these instructions.

In order to be certified, students must pass the MTTC subject area tests that correspond to the major and minor field(s) of study. These tests should not be taken until the final year of the program, but it is highly recommended that students pass their MTTC subject area test(s) before student teaching.

  • Find out which subject tests you need to take.
  • Subject area test scores are valid for five years from the date of testing (students need to be recommended for certification within those five years).
  • Register at the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification website. 
  • The fee for each subject test is $129.
  • During the registration process, be sure to identify yourself as a Calvin student and also request that your scores be sent to Calvin.
  • Be careful to enter an accurate social security number. It is a huge inconvenience if you enter an incorrect number. Canadians, please register using your U.S. social security number, not your Canadian social insurance number.
  • When asked if you are completing an “alternative route” to teacher certification, answer “No” (Calvin’s program is a traditional route).
  • Candidates with diagnosed disabilities may register for alternative testing arrangements.
  • Candidates who do not speak English as a primary language may request additional time for any MTTC test except world language subject tests.
  • Be sure to review the appropriate study guides. Depending on your subject area, you may find helpful practice problems at education.com or 240Tutoring. Curriculum Collection middle or high school textbooks may be used to review content.
  • Tests are no longer offered on campus. All MTTC tests are now computer-based only. Test center locations are available in cities worldwide. 

Elementary Education Students

Students seeking elementary certification must also take the Elementary Education MTTC test #103. Do not take the new Lower or Upper Elementary tests 117-124. When registering for the Elementary Education test, report elementary education as a "major." Take the time to review the online study guide and test objectives. Spend extra time studying for these subareas, which have lower pass rates:

  • Social Studies
  • Visual and Performing Arts
  • Health and Physical Education

Special Education Program Students

Candidates interested in teaching grades 9–12 special education in a Michigan public school may need to take additional MTTC tests later in consultation with the hiring school (mathematics, integrated science, and/or language arts).

If you have questions, contact Calvin's certification and assessment coordinator at (616) 526-6208 or certification@calvin.edu.

Sat, 23 May 2015 04:48:00 -0500 en text/html https://calvin.edu/academics/departments-programs/education/certification/michigan-test-for-teacher-certification/
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Student Opinion

How Do You Feel About High School?

Scroll through some work by the winning students and educators who participated in our “What High School Is Like in 2023” multimedia challenge. Then tell us how well the collection captures your experiences.


Wed, 03 Jan 2024 18:07:00 -0600 en text/html https://www.nytimes.com/section/learning
Calculus Readiness Test Practice Test

The questions that follow are designed to make prospective students aware of the mathematics background required for those intending to take one of the SFU Calculus courses: MATH 150, 151, 154 or 157. The actual test will cover the same concepts as this practice test does, but the questions will be different. For more information about the expectations, read Calculus Readiness Test Assessment Topics.

If you do not achieve a passing score on the actual test, we recommend that you enroll in Math 100 course, Precalculus.

Treat the Practice Calculus Readiness Test as a learning experience: if your answer to a question is incorrect, make sure that you understand the concept the question is related to before attempting the actual test.

You should be aware of the following conditions when you attempt this practice test:

  1. To be admitted to MATH 151, you must answer at least 24 questions out of the 30 questions correctly (on the actual test, not the practice test). For the other Calculus courses, the passing score is 20. The practice test does not keep track of your success rate - you will have to keep track of it yourself.
  2. You may take as much time as you like to complete the practice test. However, the actual test will be timed: you will have 1.5 hour for completion of the test.
  3. On the practice test, you will be allowed multiple attempts at each question. On the actual test, you will be allowed to attempt each question only once.
  4. You may take the practice test as many times as you wish. However, you will be allowed to take the actual test only once.
  5. You will have to write the actual test in person at the SFU Burnaby campus, and you will have to book a specific time to take it. You will not be permitted to bring any electronic devices to the test, but the software you will be using will allow you to use a basic four-function calculator if you wish to do so.
Sun, 15 May 2022 08:54:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.sfu.ca/math/undergraduate/advising/calculus-readiness-test/calculus-readiness-test-practice-test.html
Car Reviews No result found, try new keyword!The MotorTrend Car Reviews section offers a comprehensive look at the newest vehicles. We test drive the latest cars, trucks, and SUVs in our First Drive reviews, instrumented test them for our ... Sun, 23 Aug 2020 20:08:00 -0500 text/html https://www.motortrend.com/car-reviews/

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