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SPLK-1002 Splunk Core Certified Power User


EXAM NAME : Splunk Core Certified Power User

EXAM TIME : 60 Minutes

Exam Description: The Splunk Core Certified Power User exam is the final step towards completion of
the Splunk Core Certified Power User certification. This next-level certification exam is a 57-minute,
65-question assessment which evaluates a candidate’s knowledge and skills of field aliases and
calculated fields, creating tags and event types, using macros, creating workflow actions and data
models, and normalizing data with the CIM. Candidates can expect an additional 3 minutes to review the
exam agreement, for a total seat time of 60 minutes. It is recommended that candidates for this
certification complete the lecture, hands-on labs, and quizzes that are part of the Splunk Fundamentals
2 course in order to be prepared for the certification exam. Splunk Core Certified Power User is a
required prerequisite to the Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin certification track.
This course focuses on searching and reporting commands, as well as on the creation of knowledge
objects. Major topics include using transforming commands and visualizations, filtering and formatting
results, correlating events, creating knowledge objects, using field aliases and calculated fields, creating
tags and event types, using macros, creating workflow actions and data models, and normalizing data
with the Common Information Model (CIM).

The following content areas are general guidelines for the content to be included on the exam:

● Transforming commands and visualizations

● Filtering and formatting results

● Correlating events

● Knowledge objects

● Fields (field aliases, field extractions, calculated fields)

● Tags and event types

● Macros

● Workflow actions

● Data models

● Splunk Common Information Model (CIM)

The following topics are general guidelines for the content likely to be included on the exam; however,
other related topics may also appear on any specific delivery of the exam. In order to better reflect the
contents of the exam and for clarity purposes, the guidelines below may change at any time without

1.0 Using Transforming Commands for Visualizations 5%

1.1 Use the chart command

1.2 Use the timechart command

2.0 Filtering and Formatting Results 10%

2.1 The eval command

2.2 Use the search and where commands to filter results

2.3 The fillnull command

3.0 Correlating Events 15%

3.1 Identify transactions

3.2 Group events using fields

3.3 Group events using fields and time

3.4 Search with transactions

3.5 Report on transactions

3.6 Determine when to use transactions vs. stats

4.0 Creating and Managing Fields 10%

4.1 Perform regex field extractions using the Field Extractor (FX)

4.2 Perform delimiter field extractions using the FX

5.0 Creating Field Aliases and Calculated Fields 10%

5.1 Describe, create, and use field aliases

5.2 Describe, create, and use calculated fields

6.0 Creating Tags and Event Types 10%

6.1 Create and use tags

6.2 Describe event types and their uses

6.3 Create an event type

7.0 Creating and Using Macros 10%

7.1 Describe macros

7.2 Create and use a basic macro

7.3 Define arguments and variables for a macro

7.4 Add and use arguments with a macro

8.0 Creating and Using Workflow Actions 10%

8.1 Describe the function of GET, POST, and Search workflow actions

8.2 Create a GET workflow action

8.3 Create a POST workflow action

8.4 Create a Search workflow action

9.0 Creating Data Models 10%

9.1 Describe the relationship between data models and pivot

9.2 Identify data model attributes

9.3 Create a data model

10.0 Using the Common Information Model (CIM) Add-On 10%

10.1 Describe the Splunk CIM

10.2 List the knowledge objects included with the Splunk CIM Add-On

10.3 Use the CIM Add-On to normalize data
Splunk Core Certified Power User
Splunk Certified helper

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Splunk Core Certified Power User
Question: 168
Which of the following statements about event types is true? (select all that apply)
A . Event types can be tagged.
B . Event types must include a time range,
C . Event types categorize events based on a search.
D . Event types can be a useful method for capturing and sharing knowledge.
Answer: A,C,D
Question: 169
To identify all of the contributing events within a transaction that contains at least one REJECT event, which syntax is
A . Index-main | REJECT trans sessionid
B . Index-main | transaction sessionid | search REJECT
C . Index=main | transaction sessionid | whose transaction=reject
D . Index=main | transaction sessionid | where transaction=reject
Answer: B
Question: 170
Which of the following statements describe data model acceleration? (select all that apply)
A . Root events cannot be accelerated.
B . Accelerated data models cannot be edited.
C . Private data models cannot be accelerated.
D . You must have administrative permissions or the accelerate_dacamodel capability to accelerate a data model.
Answer: C,D
Question: 171
Which of the following statements would help a user choose between the transaction and stars commands?
A . stats can only group events using IP addresses.
B . The transaction command is faster and more efficient.
C . There is a 1000 event limitation with the transaction command.
D . Use stats when the events need to be viewed as a single correlated event.
Answer: C
Question: 172
Which one of the following statements about the search command is true?
A . It does not allow the use of wildcards.
B . It treats field values in a case-sensitive manner.
C . It can only be used at the beginning of the search pipeline.
D . It behaves exactly like search strings before the first pipe.
Answer: C
Question: 173
When using the Field Extractor (FX), which of the following delimiters will work? (Choose all that apply.)
A . Tabs
B . Pipes
C . Colons
D . Spaces
Answer: BD
Question: 174
When can a pipe follow a macro?
A . A pipe may always follow a macro.
B . The current user must own the macro.
C . The macro must be defined in the current app.
D . Only when sharing is set to global for the macro.
Answer: A
Question: 175
Data models are composed of one or more of which of the following datasets? (Choose all that apply.)
A . Events datasets
B . Search datasets
C . Transaction datasets
D . Any child of event, transaction, and search datasets
Answer: ABC
Question: 176
Based on the macro definition shown below, what is the correct way to execute the macro in a search string?
A . "convert_sales(euro,,.79)"
B . convert_sales(euro,,.79)
C . "convert_sales($euro$,$$,$.79$)"
D . convert_sales($euro$,$$,$.79$)
Answer: D
Question: 177
Which of the following actions can the eval command perform?
A . Remove fields from results.
B . Create or replace an existing field.
C . Group transactions by one or more fields.
D . Save SPL commands to be reused in other searches.
Answer: A
Question: 178
Which group of users would most likely use pivots?
A . Users
B . Architects
C . Administrators
D . Knowledge Managers
Answer: D
Question: 179
Which delimiters can the Field Extractor (FX) detect? (Choose all that apply.)
A . Tabs
B . Pipes
C . Spaces
D . Commas
Answer: BCD
Question: 180
Which of the following statements describe the Common Information Model (CIM)? (Choose all that apply.)
A . CIM is a methodology for normalizing data.
B . CIM can correlate data from different sources.
C . The Knowledge Manager uses the CIM to create knowledge objects.
D . CIM is an app that can coexist with other apps on a single Splunk deployment.
Answer: AB
Question: 181
There are several ways to access the field extractor.
Which option automatically identifies the data type, source type, and sample event?
A . Event Actions > Extract Fields
B . Fields sidebar > Extract New Fields
C . Settings > Field Extractions > New Field Extraction
D . Settings > Field Extractions > Open Field Extractor
Answer: C
Question: 182
Which of the following knowledge objects represents the output of an eval expression?
A . Eval fields
B . Calculated fields
C . Field extractions
D . Calculated lookups
Answer: B
Question: 183
By default, how is acceleration configured in the Splunk Common Information Model (CIM) add-on?
A . Turned off.
B . Turned on.
C . Determined automatically based on the source type.
D . Determined automatically based on the data source.
Answer: D
Question: 184
What do events in a transaction have in common?
A . All events in a transaction must have the same timestamp.
B . All events in a transaction must have the same source type.
C . All events in a transaction must have the exact same set of fields.
D . All events in a transaction must be related by one or more fields.
Answer: B
Question: 185
When multiple event types with different color values are assigned to the same event, what determines the color
displayed for the event?
A . Rank
B . Weight
C . Priority
D . Precedence
Answer: C
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Splunk Certified helper - BingNews Search results Splunk Certified helper - BingNews Splunk Readies Program Tracks For OEM And Systems Integrator Partners

Machine data analytics software developer Splunk is expanding its channel reach, unveiling plans to add tracks in the company's Partner+ channel program for OEM and systems integrator partners in 2019.

The company, which is holding its .conf18 customer conference in Orlando this week, just went live in August with a channel program for distributors, creating a global framework that offers distributors pay-for-performance incentives and rebates.

This week's channel announcements also included upgrades to the partner certification program and an expanded global rebate offering that rewards partners for sales engineering training and recruiting new customers.

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"Splunk is really focused on developing an expansive partner ecosystem," said Brooke Cunningham, area vice president, global partner programs, marketing and operations, in an interview with CRN prior to .conf18. "Everything we're doing from a product perspective, we're thinking about how partners can add value on top of Splunk."

Splunk has been growing its Partner+ channel program in recent years, which now covers more than 1,600 VARs, global systems integrators, OEMs, distributors, MSPs and technology alliance partners. Cunningham said the ranks of MSP partners has been a significant growth area for Splunk, which signed on 23 MSPs as partners in the third quarter.

"Since becoming a partner in 2014, our growth with Splunk has been significant and has allowed RTP to leverage our entire portfolio to provide turnkey solutions to our customers," said Jim Sallusto, senior managing director with RTP Technology, a Paramus, N.J.-based IT solutions and professional services provider, in a statement. He praised the services and tools offered through the Partner+ program, as well as the support provided by Splunk's partner teams.

While Splunk has long worked with partners of all types, it has been steadily adding tracks for specific partner types in recent years, including a tract for referral partners earlier this year and the track for distributors, which went live in August.

The new OEM track will assist software developers and solution providers that embed Splunk software within their products, enabling turnkey reporting, data forensics and big data analytics applications. The new systems integrator track will assist SIs that build vertical solutions on the Splunk platform. Both tracks are slated to launch at Splunk's Global Partner Summit next year.

The Splunk Certification Program upgrades include all new exam content, according to the company, as well as three new certifications and a more secure exam platform.

In addition to the partner program announcements, Splunk debuted a number of upgrades and enhancements across its product portfolio, including in its IT management and security software.

Splunk debuted the 7.2 release of its Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud platforms and what the company calls "Splunk Next," a series of upcoming technologies that will widen the potential audience of Splunk system users and provide access to more data sources.

The company launched a new edition of Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI), which IT management teams use to better predict and even prevent IT system problems. Splunk ITSI 4.0 includes new key performance indicator capabilities to predict KPIs in such areas as customer experience, application workloads and IT infrastructure health. The 4.0 release also offers deeper predictive cause analysis capabilities and integration with DevOps management software from Splunk's recent acquisition of VictorOps.

Splunk also announced new capabilities for its security offerings including new security automation, orchestration and response features in the Splunk Enterprise Security. Some of those new capabilities stem from Splunk's February acquisition of Phantom Cyber.

On Wednesday Splunk announced the general availability of Splunk for Industrial IIoT, the company’s first solution specifically for Internet of Things tasks. The software combines the capabilities of Splunk Enterprise, Splunk Machine Learning Toolkit and Splunk Industrial Asset Intelligence.

Tue, 02 Oct 2018 05:02:00 -0500 text/html
As Sales Approach $1B, Splunk Makes Its Pitch To The Channel

Jim Kinney, president and CEO of Indianapolis-based solution provider Kinney Group, makes a bold observation about Splunk, the big data software developer that his company has partnered with for four years.

Splunk and its technology "sure has the feel of being on the front of something gargantuan," Kinney says. "This has the feel of VMware back in '05 or '06."

Splunk, founded in 2003, is hardly a startup. But the developer of operational intelligence software for instantly searching, monitoring and analyzing machine-generated data is getting more attention these days beyond its core IT operations and IT security customer base. Splunk's platform is finding its way into an increasingly broad range of business analytics and big data applications, and the company is positioned to be a key technology player in the nascent Internet of Things arena.

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It's also attracting more attention from solution providers as the company, after relying primarily on direct sales for the first decade-plus of its existence, has been ramping up its channel efforts in the last two years.

The channel should take notice. Splunk (whose name comes from the cave exploration term "spelunking") is closing in on $1 billion in annual revenue, having recorded 43 percent sales growth in the first half of fiscal 2017 to $398.7 million. Analysts have put the vendor's total potential market at $46 billion to $58 billion, and observers say the company's sales could hit $5 billion as soon as 2020.

The San Francisco-based company's customer base grew from approximately 10,000 as of July 31, 2015, to more than 12,000 on July 31 of this year, according to a recent filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

CEO Doug Merritt, speaking at Splunk's .conf2016 customer and partner event in Orlando late last month, said he thinks "at least half" of the company's sales should ultimately go through the channel.

"When I walked in we were [following] a more direct-centric model," said Merritt, who joined Splunk in May 2014 as senior vice president of field operations and was named the president and CEO in November 2015. "I came in the door jumping up and down about the channel, about partners in general. It felt like an opportunity for growth for us."

Merritt, both at .conf2016 and in an exclusive interview with CRN, acknowledged that Splunk was slow to leverage the channel. "Splunk has been difficult for people to understand," he said, and recruiting resellers is a challenge "when you're an early pioneer, and you're evangelizing a new [technology] category.

Splunk does not disclose what percentage of its sales go through the channel today or how many channel partners it works with. The recent SEC filing, for the company's second fiscal quarter ended July 31, said the company "expect[s] that sales through channel partners in all regions will continue to grow as a portion of our revenues for the foreseeable future."

Splunk's software was initially developed to collect and analyze operational log data from IT systems for system administration tasks. But Splunk and its more forward-thinking customers have come to realize the technology can be used to collect and analyze almost any kind of streaming real-time data, from IT operations and IT security systems, to data produced by machines on a factory floor, to sensors that make up an Internet of Things network. That positions Splunk to play a pivotal role in the burgeoning big data market.

Merritt and other Splunk executives make it clear that as the Splunk Enterprise flagship product evolves from a toolset for programmers into a data management platform with a broad range of use cases, the channel will play a critical role. The channel will provide both "feet on the street" for the sales scalability that wouldn't be possible with the vendor's direct sales force, and the vertical industry and domain expertise needed as Splunk's software is used for new applications.

Merritt, in a press briefing at .conf2016, said Splunk's growth depends on getting the platform into hundreds of thousands of accounts, "and the channel, in particular, is going to be incredibly important for us to get there."

"We look at how many [sales] people we can hire and train [for] carrying Splunk to our customers, versus how many people the channel has," Merritt said. "[If] we enable them properly, there is so much more capacity in the channel than there is [inside] Splunk."

Splunk CTO Snehal Antani, speaking at the same event, said partners would be especially critical as the use of Splunk's software grows beyond its core IT DevOps and IT security applications into broader business analytics and Internet of Things use cases.

"The channel and partners become really important in IoT and business analytics," said Antani, the former GE Capital CIO who was named CTO in May 2015. "You need to have retail domain expertise, or healthcare domain expertise, or financial domain expertise to really get the value out of that data. We've got the enabling technology, but [partners have] got the domain expertise.

"For us, getting the channel right is important for [sales] scale. But getting the channel right is especially important for us to move into other types of use cases that are much more domain-specific," Antani said.

So Splunk understands its need for the channel. What does the channel say?

Trace3, an Irvine, California-based solution provider focused on big data and cloud technologies, has worked with Splunk for five years and built a Splunk practice that generated $7 million in revenue in 2014 and $14 million last year. The company, an Elite level partner, was Splunk's 2015 North American "Partner of the Year."

"I think Splunk is certainly still learning and developing themselves as a channel company," said John Ansett, Trace3's director of operational intelligence, of the company's Spunk relationship. Four or five years ago "they were very much a direct company" with some conflict with partners at the sales level, he said. "That's absolutely changed in the last 18 to 24 months."

"Now I see them using the channel and leveraging the partners a lot more than in the past. They recognize that their ability to scale is going to be through the channel and for them to get there they recognize that partners are really the way to get there," Ansett said.

Other partners also paint a portrait of a company in transition. "Are there bumps in the road as they take on more of a channel-oriented model? Sure," said Jim Kinney. "This is a company of fantastic people that are just incredibly passionate about what they are doing. And they treat their partners really, really well. That has meant the world to us."

"From a listening standpoint and ability to work with, they are as good as any vendor partnership I've had," said Jeff Swann, director of solutions architecture at OnX Enterprise Solutions, a Splunk Elite partner and North American solution provider headquartered in Toronto and New York. "They're very interested in working with their partners," said Swann, who works in OnX's Mayfield, Ohio, office and manages OnX's relationship with Splunk and sits on the company's partner advisory council.

Partners generally give good – but not great – grades for the nuts and bolts of its Partner+ channel program. Swann says the partner portal and other tools are "very good" and the marketing materials and content are "very easy to use and modify."

Kinney said he'd like to see more dedicated resources to help partners hire and train more engineers with Splunk expertise for development and customer support. Trace3's Ansett said the partner program lags other vendors in such areas as rebates and revenue-commit offerings.

Splunk's Merritt, at the press conference, pointed to the partner portal and deal registration systems the company assembled and the channel neutrality policy put in place last year as signs of progress, but he acknowledged that those steps are just a start.

The company's channel efforts may have suffered a setback in February when Emilio Umeoka, vice president of global alliances and channels, left to become head of education sales at Apple.

In March the company hired Susan St. Ledger, Salesforce's chief revenue officer, as Splunk's new CRO, overseeing all revenue generating and customer facing operations. In July, Splunk hired Cheryln Chin, a senior vice president at Good Technology, to replace Umeoka as vice president of global partners. Aldo Dossola is area vice president of North America partner sales, reporting to Chin.

In April Splunk hired Brooke Cunningham, a highly respected channel marketing executive with business analytics software developer Qlik, as area vice president of worldwide partner programs and operations.

"I saw an opportunity to come and really help define that partner experience," Cunningham said in an interview before .conf2016, noting that she has the job of taking Splunk's partner program to the next level. "We're really diving into how we continue to mature the Partner+ program," she said, specifically citing "investments in infrastructure" that are in the works for the partner portal and other support systems.

At .conf2016 Splunk announced a new licensing initiative that, starting Nov. 1, will provide free licenses for test and development purposes. Partners said that move would make it easier for partners to help customers expand their use of Splunk by giving them more opportunities to experiment with the software.

Swann pointed to Merritt's plans to expand education and training opportunities for partners – including free online training – and efforts to grow the number of Splunk-certified developers and engineers as promising moves to expand the overall ecosystem.

"They're doing all the right things," said Ansett at Trace3. "They're putting in the right resources [and] they have the right leadership in place. And I'm starting to see them go 'partner-first.'"

But it's the potential of Splunk's software that really gets partners excited.

"Security is certainly the biggest growth area," said Ansett, although IT operations applications now account for the biggest part of Trace3's Spunk-related revenue. Sales for Internet of Things applications are small, he said, but growing.

Splunk is key to OnX's security intelligence, operational analytics and DevOps practices. Swann said a successful strategy is getting Splunk into a customer for a specific application, then expanding the sales to other areas once the customer understands Splunk's capabilities.

"For our organization, it makes us more sticky," he said. "Once we get in, we find lots of other use cases."

Splunk is playing an increasingly important role in two of Kinney Group's core practices: analytics and next-generation data centers. Splunk is now the primary platform for its business analytics services, as with a predictive analytics project Kinney recently developed for a medical equipment management company to better anticipate equipment failures, said Laura Vetter, Kinney's vice president of analytics. Splunk's software was also a component of a major PCI (Payment Card Industry) data security project Kinney developed for a leading IT hosting provider.

Last month Splunk debuted Splunk Enterprise 6.5 with expanded machine learning technology and new features that improved its advanced analytics capabilities. New integrations with Hadoop and simpler data preparation tools helped reduce the product's total cost of ownership – a significant point according to one partner who told CRN that the market perceives Splunk's software to be expensive.

As to his case of VMware déjà vu, Jim Kinney says that in VMware's early days top managers at businesses that implemented the vendor's virtualization software didn't initially grasp the technology's potential. Once they did, VMware sales exploded. Kinney thinks Splunk is reaching the same tipping point as awareness of what the company's software can do expands beyond the data center.

"Our company has made a pretty significant financial wager [on Splunk]," he said, "and it absolutely has paid off and is providing returns."

Thu, 20 Oct 2016 08:33:00 -0500 text/html
Best IT Certifications for 2024

Earning specialized certifications is a surefire way to advance your career in the IT field, regardless of industry or current career level. The right certification validates your skills and knowledge, which makes you more desirable to future employers who want to attract and retain the best employees. Below, we’ll explore the top IT certifications and share how to examine your goals to choose the right path forward. 

We’ve narrowed IT certifications into specific categories to help IT professionals assess what’s available and pursue the best certifications to show their willingness to learn and develop the in-demand career skills employers want.

Best database certifications 

Database platforms have changed greatly over the years, but database technology remains important for various applications and computing tasks. Available certifications for IT professionals include those for database administrators (DBAs), database developers, data analysts and architects, business intelligence, and data warehousing specialists, and other data professionals.

Obtaining database certifications demonstrates an understanding of database concepts, design, implementation, administration and security. This can boost your credibility in the job market and show potential employers that you have the skills needed to work with databases. The best database certifications include the following:

Best SAS certifications 

SAS is one of the world’s leading firms for business analytics, data warehousing and data mining. Today, the SAS Global Certification Program offers 23 credentials across categories including foundation tools, advanced analytics, business intelligence, data management and administration.

SAS programmers remain in high demand, with a quick search of job boards showing thousands of open positions. Obtaining SAS certification shows employers that you are proficient in the company’s popular suite of tools. Some of SAS’s certification programs include the following: 

Many professionals earn certifications to help navigate their career paths. According to the IT Salary Report, 92 percent of information technology professionals have at least one certification.

Best Cisco certifications 

Cisco Systems is a market leader not only in networking and communications products, but also storage networking and solutions for data centers. Cisco offers a variety of certifications for IT professionals, ranging from entry level credentials to expert-level exams. 

These certifications prepare professionals for Cisco-related careers. A search of job boards reveals thousands of open positions for Cisco experts, underscoring the continued relevance of these skills. Some of Cisco’s certifications include the following:

Best Dell certifications 

Dell Technologies remains one of the world’s leading computing companies. In addition to its well-known hardware lineup, Dell also offers solutions for networks, storage, servers, gateways and embedded computing, as well as a broad range of IT and business services.

Becoming certified in Dell products can help make IT professionals competitive in engineering roles for server, virtualization, networking, systems, integration and data security. Additional roles include consultants, account executives, system administrators, IT managers and deployment managers.

Best mobility certifications 

In the mobile era, it has become increasingly important for network engineers to support local, remote and mobile users, as well as provide proper infrastructure. The focus on application and app development now leans more toward mobile environments, requiring security professionals to thoroughly address mobility from all perspectives.

Due to the fast-changing nature of mobile technology, not many mobility certifications have become widely adopted. However, a few of the top mobility certifications can help IT professionals stand out in this rapidly evolving field. 

If part of your job includes selling and implementing an IT solution, you may want to pursue the best sales certifications. You’ll show your organization that you’re willing to go above and beyond to reach sales targets.

Best computer hardware certifications 

As remote and computer-based work has become more common, it’s more important than ever that businesses and individuals be able to maintain their hardware. While discussions about potential computer-related jobs often revolve around software work and coding, jumping into the IT field by becoming a computer technician is an excellent starting point.

Today, thousands of hardware technician jobs are available across the country. Entering this industry becomes more accessible for those who acquire computer hardware certifications. These certifications can showcase your expertise and proficiency in the upkeep of computers, mobile devices, printers and other hardware components.

Best Google Cloud certifications 

IT pros with solid cloud computing skills continue to be in high demand as more companies adopt cloud technologies. Today, Google Cloud is one of the market leaders in the cloud computing space. 

Regardless of where you are in your IT career, engaging with certification programs can demonstrate your willingness to keep on top of rapidly evolving cloud technologies. To that end, Google has introduced a host of certifications for its cloud platform, including the following: 

Best evergreen IT certifications

In the fast-changing world of technology, it can help to focus on certifications that have stood the test of time. “Evergreen” refers to certifications that remain popular year after year. 

The top evergreen certifications are based on recent pay surveys in IT, reports from IT professionals about certifications they want or pursue the most, and those that appear most frequently in online job postings. Obtaining these credentials is one step toward ensuring that your skills remain relevant for a long time: 

Best IT governance certifications 

IT governance provides structure for aligning a company’s IT with its business strategies. Organizations faced with compliance rigors always need experienced IT pros who can see the big picture and understand technology risks. This means certified IT governance professionals are likely to remain in high demand.

Earning one of the following certifications proves a commitment to understanding the role of IT governance and its position in a company’s current and future success. Getting certified can validate your expert knowledge and lead to advanced career opportunities.

Best system administrator certifications 

An IT system administrator is responsible for managing and maintaining the information technology infrastructure within an organization. The position demands sought-after career skills, ranging from configuring and maintaining servers and clients to managing access controls, network services, and addressing application resource requirements.

If you’re in charge of managing modern servers, there’s a long list of tools and technologies that system administrators must master. Obtaining some of the most prominent system administrator certifications can demonstrate your mastery to potential employers. 

Best ITIL certifications 

ITIL, or Information Technology Infrastructure Library, was developed to establish standardized best practices for IT services within government agencies. Over the ensuing four decades, businesses of all types embraced, modified, and extended ITIL, shaping it into a comprehensive framework for managing IT service delivery. 

The ITIL framework remains the benchmark for best practices in IT service and delivery management, offering certification programs that cater to IT professionals at all levels. These training and certification courses ensure that IT professionals stay well-prepared for the ongoing evolution in IT service delivery management. There are four certifications in the ITIL certification program:

Best enterprise architect certifications 

An IT enterprise architect is responsible for designing and managing the overall structure and framework of an organization’s information technology system. Enterprise architect certifications are among the highest that an IT professional can achieve; fewer than 1 percent ultimately reach this level. 

Enterprise architects are among the highest-paid employees and consultants in the tech industry. These certifications can put IT professionals on a path to many lucrative positions. The average worker earns over six figures annually. Some top enterprise architect certifications are listed below:

To become an enterprise IT architect, you’ll need knowledge of systems deployment, design and architecture, as well as a strong business foundation.

Best CompTIA certifications

CompTIA is a nonprofit trade association made up of more than 2,000 member organizations and 3,000 business partners. The organization’s vendor-neutral certification program is one of the best recognized in the IT industry. Since CompTIA developed its A+ credential in 1993, it has issued more than two million certifications.

CompTIA certifications are grouped by skill set and focus on the real-world skills IT professionals need. Armed with these credentials, you can demonstrate that you know how to manage and support IT infrastructure. 

Best Oracle certifications 

A longtime leader in database software, Oracle also offers cloud solutions, servers, engineered systems, storage, and more. The company has more than 430,000 customers in 175 countries. 

Today, Oracle’s training program offers six certification levels that span 16 product categories with more than 200 individual credentials. Considering the depth and breadth of this program — and the number of Oracle customers — it’s no surprise that Oracle certifications are highly sought after. 

Vendor-specific certifications address a particular vendor’s hardware and software. For example, you can pursue Oracle certifications and Dell certifications to become an expert in those companies’ environments.

Best business continuity and disaster recovery certifications

Business continuity and disaster recovery keep systems running and data available in the event of interruptions or faults. These programs bring systems back to normal operation after a disaster has occurred.

Business continuity and disaster recovery certifications are seeing a healthy uptrend as new cloud-based tools grow in popularity. While business continuity planning and disaster recovery planning have always been essential, they’re becoming more critical than ever — and IT certifications are following suit.

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Best Corporate Training and Development Certifications for 2024

Corporate training roles exist at all levels and may include responsibilities ranging from administrative tasks to managerial oversight. Generally, these roles focus on assessing organizational learning and training requirements, creating training materials to fulfill those needs, and delivering the training. Training and development professionals need organizational and communication skills, as well as strong knowledge of common human resources practices. 

You can beef up your training and development expertise and show your value to employers by obtaining a relevant certification. Read on for the top certification programs to help you get ahead in the world of training and development. 

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, corporate training and development specialists earn a median income of $63,080 per year, or just over $30 per hour. Training and development managers can expect median earnings of more than $120,000 per year, with the top tier receiving over $200,000.

While researching training and development certifications, we found that most employers look for a combination of human resources and training-based certifications. Below, you’ll find the certifications most commonly requested by employers for training and development job roles.

Best human resources certifications

Human resources-related certifications focus on the wide range of aptitudes found in these roles. Core competencies learned and certified in these trainings include knowledge management, training delivery and facilitation, change management, logistics, and business strategy. 

Many of these certifications are iterative, helping to showcase knowledge and capabilities as individuals grow in their careers. These certifications can help individuals break into working in HR or advance to higher positions. Some of our favorite trainings include: 

Training and development managers in the top-earning tier can make over $200,000 per year.

Best sales certifications 

Sales is the epitome of a people-person career. Certifications in sales can’t teach the necessary personality traits to excel in the field. However, certifications are generally vendor neutral and can help reinforce and teach the necessary technical skills, like ways to identify buyers and create sales strategies.

While many sales job descriptions now call for a bachelor’s degree, there are still plenty of employers that accept some combination of work experience or certification in lieu of a degree. Employers look for candidates who are highly productive and have the drive to increase company profits. A certification helps prove that you’re willing to go above and beyond to achieve goals. 

Some of our favorite sales certifications include: 

Best CRM certifications

Customer relationship management (CRM) takes customer service to another level. Modern CRM software uses technology and automation to find and interact with leads and customers. Leveraging CRM software can help a company engage with its customers to build trust and provide necessary products and services.

Current CRM certification courses are available through academic institutions, professional affiliates and massive open online courses. Topics can include CRM optimization, automation, marketing strategies, product management, business to business (B2B), business to consumer (B2C) and networking. Some of our favorite certifications include: 

According to certification course provider Simplilearn, IT professionals with one Salesforce certification on their resume can expect as much as a 40 percent pay increase.

Best help desk certifications

Technical support and help desk positions are traditional entry points for IT professionals navigating their career paths. Help-desk certifications tend to focus on two areas: overarching help desk functions and job roles or technical support skills with an emphasis on specific vendor platforms or products.

Earning a respected help desk certification can help IT professionals stand out, validate valuable knowledge and skills, and demonstrate their willingness to learn to employers and hiring managers. In these cases, help desk certifications can help start, and lay the foundation for, a long career in  IT. Some of our favorite help desk certifications include: 

Best project management certifications

Project management certifications are among the most sought-after tech credentials. Project management certifications enhance and expand other IT qualifications and add to a professional’s skill set.

Project management involves planning, scheduling, budgeting, executing and reporting on various projects. In the IT realm, events such as hardware and operating system upgrades, platform migrations, security patches, software updates, and maintenance tasks are considered “projects,” so project management is incredibly important. Some of our favorite certifications in this space include: 

PMP certification is also recommended for anyone who aspires to become an enterprise IT architect.

Best PEO accreditations

Professional employer organizations (PEOs) can offload some HR-related tasks, as well as prove to be extremely successful organizations in which to work. There are hundreds of PEOs offering thousands of services to small businesses nationwide. Finding the right organization to work with, or for, is critical to success. 

Accreditations are one of the easiest, and most trustworthy, ways of picking a PEO. While there are many PEOs throughout the United States, only some are accredited by top PEO accreditation agencies. These agencies rigorously review PEOs and their services on a yearly basis to ensure that services are up to par.

The following are our top PEO accreditation picks: 

It’s common to confuse PEO services with ASO services, but there are big differences in how each will support your business. Learn more in our PEO vs. ASO guide.

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15 Certification Programs for Careers That Pay Well No result found, try new keyword!You might also communicate with insurance companies and help patients navigate insurance. You can get a certification through the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board or the National ... Wed, 28 Dec 2022 01:58:00 -0600 5 Best Online Fitness Classes to Help You Achieve Your Health Goals at Home No result found, try new keyword!Take advantage of free trials and promos for online yoga, HIIT, pilates and more without having to leave your house. Thu, 04 Jan 2024 06:15:03 -0600 en-us text/html Dell unveils its curved 40-inch 5K monitor at CES, claiming 'five-star eye comfort'

It's almost time for CES, which means that, among many other things, there'll soon be a heap of new monitors vying for your attention. Dell is hoping that its new UltraSharp 40 Curved Thunderbolt Hub Monitor will stand out from the pack. Announced days before CES 2024 is set to kick off, this model is the "first 40-inch 5K monitor certified for five-star eye comfort," Dell claims.

Five-star eye comfort is a new industry standard stemming from TUV Rheinland. The aim is to highlight displays that help reduce signs of eye fatigue. Dell says it did three things to achieve this certification with the latest UltraSharp monitors. First, it doubled the refresh rate to 120Hz for smoother visuals. It incorporated an ambient light sensor, which allows the monitors to automatically adjust screen brightness and color temperature to match the light conditions. Dell cites studies suggesting this can help reduce the frequency of eye fatigue signs by up to 17 percent.

Dell's UltraSharp 40 Curved Thunderbolt Hub Monitor. (Dell)

Last but not least, Dell says it upgraded its ComfortView Plus tech with the help of an advanced LED backlight to reduce blue light exposure from 50 percent to under 35 percent. This, too, can help reduce signs of eye fatigue.

None of that should diminish the monitor's performance. Dell says the UltraSharp 40 Curved Thunderbolt Hub has a 99 percent DCI-P3 / Display P3 color space and 1.07 billion colors. It's VESA DisplayHDR 600 certified and features IPS Black Panel tech and a 2,000:1 contrast ratio.

On the connectivity front, there's Thunderbolt 4 support with up to 140W power delivery. An Ethernet connection allows for speeds of up to 2.5 Gbps, while there are HDMI 2.1 and DisplayPort 2.1 ports. Dell notes that pop-out front-facing USB-A and USB-C ports should make it easy to connect and charge your devices.

Dell's UltraSharp 40 Curved Thunderbolt Hub Monitor and UltraSharp 34 Curved Thunderbolt Hub Monitor side-by-side on a desk. (Dell)

If the 40-inch model is perhaps too much real estate for your needs, you might want to consider Dell's 34-inch variant. The UltraSharp 34 Curved Thunderbolt Hub Monitor also features TUV Rheinland five-star eye comfort certification, IPS Black technology and Thunderbolt 4 connectivity. It's not a 5K monitor, however, as it has a WQHD resolution of 2,560 x 1,440.

Both monitors will be available globally starting on February 27. The UltraSharp 40 Curved Thunderbolt Hub Monitor starts at $2,400 in the US and $3,290 CAD in Canada. The 34-inch model will run you $1,020 in the US and $1,400 CAD north of the border.

We're reporting live from CES 2024 in Las Vegas from January 6-12. Keep up with all the latest news from the show here.

This article contains affilate links; if you click such a link and make a purchase, we may earn a commission.

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Best Nutrition Tracking Apps: A Certified Sports Nutrition Coach Shares His Top 10 Picks No result found, try new keyword!Future is a personal training app that connects you with certified coaches to help you reach your fitness goals, and many have backgrounds in nutrition counseling. Future costs $149 a month but ... Fri, 09 Dec 2022 02:25:00 -0600 text/html

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